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Katekyo Himan Reborn: Chapter 326-Daemon Spade Is Such A Bastard.

Yamamoto refers to an acquaintance that saved him. I wonder who it might have been. I’m thinking it could be one of the arcobalenos OR that one doctor dude… I think it was Shamal. Yeah, Doctor Shamal might have been around to save Yamamoto. Well, I’m not going to get tripped up over that because at least Yamamoto was saved so it’s all good.
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The Breaker New Waves: Chapter 18

It’s been a while but I finally caught up on this manhwa. I love the change in the attitude Elder Jang-Ro and accepted Shioon as the new head. Jang-Ro really experienced some major character development. Before, I thought he was just a bastard who was just toying with Shioon’s resolve of wanting to win the match.
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Bleach Episode: 309- The Final Form Is So Awesome *_*

It was so epic–the fight, the revelations, and the end.
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Bleach: Episode 308

OMG, I should have watched this earlier. Ichigo kicks ass in this one. Seriously, Aizen just gets his ass handed to him.
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RuroKen- Saito Hajime in Chapt 146

So over these last few months, I’ve been reading Rurouni Kenshin and it’s just so good. I have been meaning to write about the manga but… it’s really hard to find words to describe the last 17 volumes of the series I have read.

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