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Space Brothers’ Lessons in Reality

Credit for this beautiful image goes to whoever created it, not me.

Before watching Space Brothers, I was somewhat intrigued by outer space but that only extended to the childhood school field trips around the first or second grade to the museums with one that specifically focused on aerospace. Ever since then, I didn’t really think much about outer space until I started watching Space Brothers back when it started airing in April 2012. It’s been over a year and I continue to love Space Brothers more and more despite having my ups and downs with it. I don’t necessarily make sure that I’m always watching the newest episode right when it comes out but I do make sure that I always catch up to the most recent episode at some point.

Upon watching Space Brothers, my interest in aerospace and astronauts have increased possibly because I want to be able to relate to the characters by finding those connections in real life. Every time I scroll through the Yahoo! News and stumble upon an article related to aerospace, I can’t help but click on the link in hopes that I could get closer to that fictional world of Mutta’s and finding his courage, determination, and dreams manifesting itself in reality.

So I would just like to share this article that I found:
NASA has picked eight of its new astronauts and the group will go on to Houston’s Johnson Space Center in August for training.

“In a statement, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said, “These new space explorers asked to join NASA because they know we’re doing big, bold things here—developing missions to go farther into space than ever before. They’re excited about the science we’re doing on the International Space Station and our plan to launch from U.S. soil to there on spacecraft built by American companies. And they’re ready to help lead the first human mission to an asteroid and then on to Mars.”

After reading the article above, I just couldn’t help but imagine that Hibito and Mutta living out their dreams is exactly what these people in real life had aimed for when they chose to join NASA. Also, the bit mentioning the International Space Station immediately brought Serika to mind.

Anime and all forms media are forms of expression that have some objective they hope to achieve. For me, Space Brothers is an anime that really hopes to inspire people to do what they love and that it is never too late. These but you would be surprised by the amount of people who restrict themselves and become bogged down by commitments and promises leaving them tied down by their limits. People need a remind that nothing is ever impossible because we tend to set limits for ourselves. Those of us who continue to watch and support Space Brothers for our own various reasons may believe in the lessons that Space Brothers and its characters have to offer in hopes that we take charge of our own lives and really do something big.