Sinbad, Confident Even When He Is Naked


After encountering this professor who I hold with high esteem, has taught me that those who have genuine confidence do not hide when they are stripped naked both literally and figuratively. Sinbad from Magi is the perfect example of perfect confidence even when he has nothing on him except for a leaf. Sinbad was robbed by thieves with nothing left, not even a piece of cloth to cover his private area (all he had was a leaf). Yet, he comes out from the woods with his arms wide open and a carefree tone indicating openness to others yet firm in his conviction.

If you think about it, most people would find any means possible to cover themselves up if they were in the same situation as Sinbad. They are desperate to hide their bodies as the embarrassment boils up from within. They lack the confidence to hold their naked bodies with pride and love that they should have for themselves. Instead, they might have simply stayed behind a bush and not have done what Sinbad had done, walking out in broad daylight and with nothing to hide.

Sinbad having no fear or embarrassment arise while being in such a state is an sign of the confidence that he has obtained. It is not the confidence that most of us believe what confidence is. He is at peace with himself and the world. He truly loves the world and all things in it for what they are and is accepting of them; however, it does not mean that he allows the poverty and resentment but that he accepts it as a fact that it is a reality of this world.


Jafar had mentioned about the scars that Sinbad have had carved in him and the burdens he is carrying. I can only imagine what he has to be responsible for as the king of a country in charge of so many citizens all the while heading an alliance. He does not allow those scars to stop him from accepting others as shown with him wanting to join the Fog Troupe. His openness is evident as he listened to the reasoning the Fog Troupe had for their actions. As their reasoning made sense to him and resonated with is morals and beliefs, he did not hesitate to join the Fog Troupe. Sinbad’s confidence is in the fact that he makes his own decisions from the knowledge he has on hand and does not allow previous obligations or expectations from others to influence his decision. Even though he had made a promise to King Abhamd to capture the Fog Troupe, there is no hesitation in switching sides when he learns of the purpose and cause for the Fog Troupe’s existence.

Now, it is not to say that he is flawless and is the epitome of pure justice and all that is good. He does have flaws and seen when he had been judged Alibaba to not be capable of much due to his lack of confidence. When Alibaba had returned full of resolve and determination as he asked Sinbad for help, Sinbad had gracefully and modestly acknowledged his mistake in prejudging Alibaba before letting it all play out. His other major flaw is his careless attitude as seen with his metal vessels stolen and not having much concern. Yes, it makes sense that even without his metal vessels, he is very strong as he had cleared seven dungeons without the guide of a Magi but that does not mean that he is invincible. The disaster in episode 16 where Kassim turns into a dark dijinn would have turned out a little better if only Sinbad had his vessels but his carelessness lead to this conclusion. His carefree attitude can at times be fatal and serious but can also be frustrating to those around him who do not having the ability to trust in Sinbad’s philosophy of “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it somehow.”


In the end, his virtues and charisma overpowers his flaws, which lead others to admire and adore him. He accepts himself for all he is and understands what it is that he wants. People tend to believe or make others believe that they have confidence but they do not fully accept themselves. They are constantly finding fault with their appearance, bodies, and abilities and putting on an act of confidence as if such an illusion would hide their fears and insecurities from the world; this is the difference between others and Sinbad. He has a genuine and tender heart yet he is firm in his resolve and his ideals that he would never betray himself and his own beliefs.

26 responses to “Sinbad, Confident Even When He Is Naked

  1. Damn it, it’s a Magi post (has the show on hold). I still find the post a good read, except it feels like I would have enjoyed it more if I had been watching the show too…

  2. Oh, gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve commented here haha. On the other hand, Sinbad!! I’ve got to admit, I love characters that are confident and great leaders like him.

    Are you just watching Magi, or reading the manga? I actually prefer the manga more, seeing as the anime cut off some scenes I really liked haha.

    • OMG! Where have you been? I visit your blog one day and it was gone. I thought you would disappear forever and I wouldn’t hear from you again.

      Definitely don’t see many good leaders like him though. I’m only watching the anime. Maybe I’ll give the manga a try then. So you watch and read Magi?

    • I echo paper’s sentiments: you’re alive???? You’re the one who ran Blossom Media Center right???

  3. Haha sorry, sorry ^___^;; I meant to comment here along time ago but I’ve been pretty busy lately with life and everything haha. Yeah.. my blog got hacked or something like that awhile go so … :/

    Yup! I watched the first episode when it came out and I got to impatient to wait for the rest to air so I just read the manga haha. So tell me, what have you been up to recently?

    • So things have settled down for you now? Does that mean you’re no longer blogging? GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL. haha, I would be really sad if I couldn’t contact you again!

      Well, not much. I started my first year of college! But other than that, its been the same. Oh, not blogging episodically anymore, I find that it isn’t suitable for me but I have fun writing posts like this where I use psychological concepts to analyze characters and such. :D What about you?

      • Yeah.. probably not going to be blogging anymore since I probably won’t have enough time for it anymore haha. But I’m still watching anime and reading manga as you can see . ^___^ Oh, sure I’ll just post it here then haha: ( Ugh embarrassing old email name haha.

        Oh wow, college? How is it? Everyone always tells me that college is like ten times more painful than high school. Oh gosh, I love posts that analyzes really deep in there haha. It makes me think alot. I’m going onto junior year so, you know, AP galore!!

        • Hopefully you could pick up blogging again over summer? Haha, it’s good that you at least still have time for anime and manga because life would be so miserable without them. Thanks! :]

          It’s actually been fun and hasn’t been super difficult since much of the materials I’m learning now had been taught rigorously in my high school AP classes. AP classes will be super helpful in making you feel more prepared. I hope I can entertain you with my posts then! But it’s been bit difficult in finding a character to analyze and write about. Haha, but you don’t seem to be disliking the AP classes. Is it a lot of reading, homework, or both?

          • Haha that would be nice if I could :D . Yeah, I don’t think I’ll get tired of anime and manga yet. x) I agree, the only thing that’s keeping me motivated to work are those things.

            Oh really? Well that sort of reassures me haha ^__^, since almost every person I’ve talked to goes on about how college is so painful. Yeah I’ll be looking forward to your posts =:D. Analysis takes a lot of time though. It makes you think so deep about things and in the end it just confuses you.

            Well.. AP classes are sort of fun since a lot of people I know are in them. There’s more like a lot of reading/studying. Not to be creepy or anything but I went on your myanimelist just awhile ago and noticed you had a tumblr! Haha ^__^ tumblr’s been distracting me a lot recently, it’s probably the reason why I have to spend a lot of time studying and cramming in stuff.

            • Well, if you make it fun for yourself, it’ll be fun and if you procrastinate, thats how it’ll turn painful. haha, so I try to get things done while making sure that I find fun things to do.
              Yes! Lol, sometimes, I just confuse myself and don’t even know what the point I’m trying to make is.
              LOL, then are you into BL and yaoi stuff? I am in love with tumblr. It has become a part of my daily life. haha so I understand when you say how it takes times away from studying. What kinds of tumblr users do you follow? Anime ones? Manga ones?

              • LOL. I try to do that, but for some subjects, I’m just not too sure how to make it fun since they bore me a lot haha. ^__^ AGH. YEAH. That’s why I prefer to read other people’s analysis :D.

                Yeah, actually I started getting into it after I read your post long time ago about Sekaiichi ^__^ and after that I just started reading alot of it lol. Tumblr is too addictive.. sometimes I need to drag myself off the computer and work. Oh yeah I follow anime + ,manga tumblr users haha. :D

                • That’s true. If it doesn’t interest you, it just won’t be fun. haha.

                  No way, really?! I’m surprised that a post of mine lead you to yaoi. I feel complete now, haha. You never said anything to me! Then have you read the light novels, Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai? It’s by the mangaka that did the Sekaiichi and Junjou series. Trifecta is my favorite couple out of all the pairings by that author. Oh my, I can’t even begin on how to tell you the wonderful joy that I feel towards Trifecta, such a cute pairing!
                  Now that you read yaoi, I can’t wait to fangirl over certain series with you. There’s so much to talk about that I don’t even know where to being! I’m so excited. :D

                  • omg YES. I’VE READ THEM ALL. I love the relationship between Yokozowa and Kirishima. That couple makes me fangirl so much haha. ^___^ Did you know they’re planning to make an anime adaption of those novels?? I’m really excited for that :D

                    YES. I KNOW!! Haha none of my friends who read manga or watch anime are into BL or yaoi. Oh geez, now you’ve gotten me all excited about talking about these things haha ^__^.

                    • BRO! WE SHALL NOW FOREVER BE IN CONTACT. haha you can’t get rid of me now. They are just so adorable together, they are perfect! I heard a bit about it but wasn’t interested since it was before I read the novels. Now, I’m definitely looking forward to it. It’ll be my top priority. haha.

                      Me too! haha. Finally, a friend who shares the same love that I have for yaoi! Man, I guess we’ll be in touch over tumblr and email and whatnot. :D

  4. OH NO. NOW I CAN’T GET RID OF YOU! Lol haha jk x) YESSSSS. Haha, well I’ve been looking forward to the anime because, the experience of watching it is just really different from reading, you know what I mean??

    Haha, we’ll keep in touch for sure, since I have someone to fangirl with for once!! You’ve watched K project right?? I’m pretty obsessed with that anime right now haha.

    • Yeah, definitely. The movements and the way they interact just isn’t the same when you try to imagine it through the words on the page. I would like to see the facial expressions of when they see each other and what not. It’ll be so cute, I just can’t wait for my otp to be in color and animated. haha.

      YES! OMGGGG, Mikoto is one sexy beast. I love his deep and sexy voice. Lol, so cute. AND! I ship fushimi x yata so hard, my otp right there. :3 who’s your favorite pairing/character?

      • AHHH. I’M ALREADY SO EXCITED FOR IT. Even though it’s probably not going to released for awhile since they just announced it not too long ago. Q___Q Aggh It better be an actual series and not an OVA or something.

        OH MY GOSH. YES. HE WAS SO COOL. Haha, I loved his relationship with Anna, that was so cute ^__^. Have you read the manga for K – Memory of Red? It’s sort of a prequel for HOMRA. YES. YESSSS. GOOD. SARUMI OTP IS GOOD. But there’s so much angst in there Q__Q I love Fushimi. Just… characters with glasses man. They are so hot haha xD

        • The Isaka story ended up being only one episode long but there was only a short chapter on his story. Since the light novel is several volumes long, there should be enough material for a whole series. I would be so disappointed if it turned out to be an OVA though! T-T

          No, I haven’t yet but I’ll try to read it some time tomorrow. haha, sarumi is the name for them? the anguish and angst is part of the charm. The way they are at each other’s throats is just enticing. Yeah! The glasses just give them this sexy feel. haha. The look he gave when he touched his burned tattoo was engraved into my mind forever~

          • Yeah Q__Q, but now a days they seem to like making OVA’s out of bl manga adaptions instead of actual series. But I’m still hoping haha ^__^

            IT’S BEAUTIFUL. Haha, they start it off saying that “This is a story about happiness” and I’m just like, LIES, it’s a story about angst and beautiful people who are dead. OMG IKR. It’s pretty sad how Fushimi is always trying to get Yata’s attention. I love how the actual official art of the two is so much more shippier than fanart though xD. YES. That was so sexy haha ^___^

            • Really, bl needs more attention. A short OVA isn’t going to cut it.

              LOl, sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out soon then. So much feels. I can’t wait to see how they are together in season 2 of the anime. They need more screen time together. <3 I'll have to check out the official art too then!

              • Haha ikr? Ugh, season 2 isn’t coming fast enough for me haha. Since they green-lit it just last fall it’ll probably come out…..around next year I’m guessing? THAT’S SO FAR AWAY. I NEED MY DAILY DOSE OF FEELS. Yes, I can’t wait to see them make up and be best buddies or something haha. That, or one of them dies :P.

                • I seem to have run out of yaoi mangas to read since I have spent so much of my free time on yaoi. I would love to have either Yoneda Kou sensei’s mangas or Nekota Yonezou sensei’s mangas animated. Their artwork and stories are just so cute and amazing!

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