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Usagi Drop: Ep 2

His perspective has already changed as when he steps into the department store, he notices that he hadn’t realized there were that many parents there with their kids.

After only a few days, he realizes how hard it actually is to raise Rin and that it’s very exhausting. He barely has anytime to finish his work and he gets distracted causing him to make a few mistakes. He rushes through his work to be able to pick Rin up as quick as possible.

Another big thing is that Daikichi seems to think that Masako, Rin’s mother, didn’t want to leave Rin behind and probably had a reason for it. I had originally thought that he wasn’t quite fond of her but I was wrong. He isn’t going to conform and believe right away that Masako is a horrible mother. He’s open-minded and believes that she isn’t that bad of a person.

Rin is so cute and adorable~ She’s showing more emotions and expressions than the previous episode.

Usagi Drop: Ep 1

This is such a heartwarming series as Rin gets taken in by Daikichi when no one else in the family wants her. It was frustrating to see everyone find excuses for not wanting to take her in and when Daikichi volunteers himself, his mother and sister don’t approve of it. It’s just sad how no one wanted her due to certain circumstances. They’re making her feel like a burden.

It was horrible of the mother to leave Rin like that. I’m just thinking that maybe she’ll come back and want to take Rin away. I hope Daikichi doesn’t let that happen.

It was cute to see her running around the house and following Daikichi. What I’m curious about the most is what is she going to call him? It was funny how she called him old man which then changed to grandpa and finally she called him Daikichi. Which is it?

Final Verdict: