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Alucard, Dracula.

I’ve been following Hellsing for a year or two. I’m currently watching Hellsing Ultimate ep 8 and I just realized that Alucard is the backward spelling of Dracula. LOL, such a fail.

Did anyone else notice? Am I the only one who’s late to come to this realization?

Well, finding out sooner is better than later.


Fate Zero, Destroying Other’s Wishes For Your Own

Fate Zero, Destroying Other's Wishes For Your Own

It wasn’t really ingrained into my mind until Kotomine said it. It’s not just about what Saber or Kiristugu or what he wants but what others want too. Some seek the Holy Grail for selfish reasons while others do so for what they view to be the “greater good”. Regardless, their reasons are legitimate ones.

Rail Tracing

Rail Tracing= tracing along the rails?
ahh, lets see… I type exactly how I would say it if I were to talk to you, in person that is. So, instead of having it seem as if I’m writing and someone is reading, I like to think of it more being similar to you and I conversing~~
[I’ve noticed something. o_o . Even though it says ____ Anime Blog, it doesn’t mean in any way that it’s just about anime. If I were to add any more words, it would’ve been too long. heh. -_-”]