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Space Brothers’ Lessons in Reality

Credit for this beautiful image goes to whoever created it, not me.

Before watching Space Brothers, I was somewhat intrigued by outer space but that only extended to the childhood school field trips around the first or second grade to the museums with one that specifically focused on aerospace. Ever since then, I didn’t really think much about outer space until I started watching Space Brothers back when it started airing in April 2012. It’s been over a year and I continue to love Space Brothers more and more despite having my ups and downs with it. I don’t necessarily make sure that I’m always watching the newest episode right when it comes out but I do make sure that I always catch up to the most recent episode at some point.

Upon watching Space Brothers, my interest in aerospace and astronauts have increased possibly because I want to be able to relate to the characters by finding those connections in real life. Every time I scroll through the Yahoo! News and stumble upon an article related to aerospace, I can’t help but click on the link in hopes that I could get closer to that fictional world of Mutta’s and finding his courage, determination, and dreams manifesting itself in reality.

So I would just like to share this article that I found:
NASA has picked eight of its new astronauts and the group will go on to Houston’s Johnson Space Center in August for training.

“In a statement, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said, “These new space explorers asked to join NASA because they know we’re doing big, bold things here—developing missions to go farther into space than ever before. They’re excited about the science we’re doing on the International Space Station and our plan to launch from U.S. soil to there on spacecraft built by American companies. And they’re ready to help lead the first human mission to an asteroid and then on to Mars.”

After reading the article above, I just couldn’t help but imagine that Hibito and Mutta living out their dreams is exactly what these people in real life had aimed for when they chose to join NASA. Also, the bit mentioning the International Space Station immediately brought Serika to mind.

Anime and all forms media are forms of expression that have some objective they hope to achieve. For me, Space Brothers is an anime that really hopes to inspire people to do what they love and that it is never too late. These but you would be surprised by the amount of people who restrict themselves and become bogged down by commitments and promises leaving them tied down by their limits. People need a remind that nothing is ever impossible because we tend to set limits for ourselves. Those of us who continue to watch and support Space Brothers for our own various reasons may believe in the lessons that Space Brothers and its characters have to offer in hopes that we take charge of our own lives and really do something big.

Psycho-Pass Ep One

First episode was somewhat enjoyable but a majority of it was predictable. There was good use of suspense in keeping me on the edge of my seat at certain points. It’s somewhat gory and doesn’t hold back on shoving the violence in your face but some people like it that way. I know that it is only the first episode but come on now, these characters are so flat, they’re like a damn cutting board. Maybe I’ll give the second episode a try but it’s not as impressive as I thought it’d be. But the Dominator has a cool sound effect when it’s used.

On a more serious tone, this series explores the idea of leaving technology in control of society. Do you use your emotions or do you use unbiased technological devices to determine the criminalistic tendency of an individual? It’s a difficult question to answer and I’m curious to see what answer this series will come up with.


Fate Zero Episode 11

Fate Zero Episode 11

“The ultimate Noble Phantasm that I, Iskandar, possess. Ionian Hetairoi.”

*an army of thousands and thousands of men come marching in*

I swear, this scene was so epic I had chills running through my spine.

Finally Started Fate Zero

Got the chance to finish Fate Stay Night a few days ago and started on Fate Zero. Fate Zero has much more interesting characters who add a great deal to the excitement. There’s a plenty of differing characters, motives, and ideals.

Waver Velvet. I understand his need for proving his capabilities to others who don’t acknowledge him; however, his personality sucks. He’s such a whiner. If I were Iskandar, I would’ve flicked him a couple more times.

Lancer, He’s hot.

In the last episode, I wanted to cry after seeing what Bluebeard did to that little boy. Giving him hope then dragging him back into the depths of fear and despair only to devour him. There wasn’t any character in the Fate Stay Night series like him. This is one evil and merciless dude.

Tari Tari Ep 1

This is probably my first series that focuses on singing so I’m quite interested in how Tari Tari will incorporate singing into its story. We’ve all been there: wanting something so bad and working so hard, yet we’re denied the chance or opportunity to prove ourselves. This series could get super deep and serious especially when you’re talking about aspirations and such but chooses to stay as a light and comedic series. Some parts of it is actually funny and got me chuckling especially the new transfer student. Seriously, he’s really hilarious.

Even though this series isn’t anything serious, it does have some tension surrounding Sakai and the circumstances which have forced her to stop singing. Well, judging from the opening scene, I would think that it has something to do with her mother. Seeing as her mother isn’t around, I believe that her mother may have been involved in an accident. There’s a chance for tears depending on how the tragedy that Sakai had gone through will be played out.

Rating: 3+/5
I like Miyamoto and her ambitious attitude to keep watching because I’m just the opposite of such a character. This is definitely way better than Koroko Connect. Watch Tari Tari just for the transfer student, it’s worth it.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous EP 1

I like the pacing of the story, not too slow, not too fast. Surprisingly, there’s no cliche situation where she feels awkward around him or tries avoid him yet when Hazuki confessed to the manager. I don’t think she’d so easily agree to being in a relationship with Hazuki because its clear that she still can’t forget about her husband.

This series uses dry witty humor to give it that bit of comedic feel. It’s not necessarily trying to get you to laugh til your weak but just to get a “hah” in there. It certainly is witty. An example:

Even though I’m a huge fan of Yuya Matsushita and I really love the OP, the ED is much more appealing in terms of visuals and vocals.

Rating: 4+/5
This series can definitely be worthwhile and a very excellent romance series. For me, the witty humor this series has to offer is its selling point and most appealing. It’s definitely worth your time so go and watch it.

Arcana Famiglia Ep 1: a variety of bishies

Pache <3. He’s my favorite for now since he’s voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. He looks so cute with crumbs on his face. ahah.

There’s about six of them that have Arcana powers, I think. There’s a lot of characters and they were all introduced in the first ep so I can’t remember exactly how many there were. Does the bald guy and Papa count? Lol. They might be a but too old. There definitely a variety of flat characters. I hope they’ll get a chance to flesh out but it may not happen. There’s a dude with an eyepatch too. I have say, Pache is my favorite.

The direction this series is going in is focusing on the Arcana Duello between the members who have Arcana powers. All who hold an Arcana power will be fighting for the right to be the Papa and to marry/not marry Felicita. This screams cliche. The tournament is simply an excuse used to provide over the top action and showcasing the bishes that this show has to offer.

For some reason, I’m really anal about the way information was presented and the Arcana powers of each individual was introduced was just too forceful. Other than the name of each individual’s powers and a general sentence of its function, nothing else is explained. We aren’t even given details regarding the origins and purpose of such powers.

With only 12 episodes, I wonder how good this will actually be. Overall, it’s more comedic and lighthearted but the jokes aren’t that funny. You might giggle but if you’re looking for outright laughter to the point of not being able to breathe, look else where. But I like the use of Italian, it’s Italian, right?

Rating: Good/Enjoyable, missing some elements 3-/5
This series is definitely one for entertainment and fussing over bishies but may not delve further to make it a memorable/worthwhile series. If this series had some blood, I would’ve given it a solid 3.

Behind the title of Guilty Crown

The Void Ranking System is intriguing in that I wonder how they’ll treat those with high ranked voids as compared to the lower ranked ones. Will the lower ranked ones be cared for since they’re “not as strong and won’t be able to fight” or will they be abandoned since they’re “practically useless if Shu can’t use them in battle”? Seeing as Yahiro is the one who came up with it, I’m thinking the latter will be more likely the scenario that plays out.

I started pondering about the meaning behind the series’ title, Guilty Crown.

Some of the lyrics:
This is My Guilty Crown
I’ll fight for what I believe
This is My Guilty Crown
I’ll fight with my friends to set my friends free

This is strictly my own interpretation.
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Phi Brain: Ep 1

Overall Impression:
Puzzles can be precarious by endangering lives and that’s what Kaito hates. It makes the solving of puzzles badass and intense especially when there are things at risk. I’m interested in a few of the characters and what their stance is in terms of allies of the protagonist or his enemies. What is it that Kaito can now accomplish by fulfilling Orpheus’ contract. It seems that Einstein wasn’t able to fulfill the contract but Kaito was, so does that make Kaito smart than Einstein? I’m interested in seeing how they’ll portray Kaito’s intelligence that can’t be matched at this point.

I’m having issues with Nonoha as a character and her purpose in the series. Somehow, I find that she’s just there to cause trouble for Kaito and for him to bail her out when necessary. Also, I don’t really like the way the characters look, their character designs aren’t all that great. The animation isn’t as nice as I thought it would be.

Main Characters:
Kaito: He’s smart and it makes me jealous. There’s something about his hair that just doesn’t sit right with me. He’s suppose to be possibly the smartest man alive and yet I didn’t get that kind of vibe as I watched the episode. Him fulfilling the Orpheus contract didn’t have much of an impact on me. I was expecting more; hopefully the next episode will be different.

Nonoha: Her very first lines were: ‘I even made him breakfast and went and pick him up!’ in a whiny voice and I knew right away that I wouldn’t like her. It turns out that I don’t like her at all.
When she volunteered to go with him to the Sage Puzzle, I knew that she would cause him trouble. She almost died because she rushed in with such eagerness after Kaito’s warnings. Her only good points are that she’s able to help Kaito out with her good memory and her kicks.

Favorite Scene:

I wasn’t expecting it so it surprised me a bit but then I found it kind of childish and adorable.

Final Verdict: I’ll watch the next episode since there seems to be a dude who sounds crazy.

Kimi to Boku: Ep 1

Overall impression:

This series is pretty much slice-of-life type of anime. I’m assuming it’s going to tell the story of their 17th spring together. There were a few scenes that were pretty funny and had me laughing but not enough to classify it as a comedy series. It was interesting how cats were used to somewhat represent them and their actions. The exchanges between characters like Kaname and Yuki are fun to watch especially when they’re bickering and insulting each other. Kaname seems to be a bit flustered when their sensei walked over and talked to them. He didn’t say much and turned away from the group, it’s cute. Maybe he has a crush on their sensei, I’d like to see what happens. I want to see how this series will portray friendship and how their friendship will turn out after they go through their 17th spring together, hah. I’m interested in how their friendship will develop and how they develop relationships with others outside of their group.


Shun: He’s very gentle and I’d say he’s a bit timid. He’s basically the one who mediates when there’s a conflict between the others in their group of friends. The one thing that I have a problem with him is his hair. Why must it be long? It just doesn’t look good. I had mistaken him for being a girl until I heard him speak.

Kaname: Man, this dude complains so much. He gets so stressed out, so tense, so pissed at the most useless things ever. But, he was cute as a kid. He has furrowed brows and his face looks so tense.

Yuta: Yuki’s older twin brother. He combs Shun’s long hair… I wonder if he’s athletic too. He doesn’t seem to fight with Kaname verbally as much as Yuki does. I’m sure he and Yuki cares a lot for Shun but I’m not sure about how they feel towards Kaname.

Yuki: Yuta’s younger twin brother. This dude seems to be the one who engages in verbal arguments with Kaname the most. He just can’t live without arguing with Kaname about the smallest things. He’s surprisingly athletic for being so lazy and he loves anime and manga.

Favorite Scene:

Lol, the twins are so awesome. Their glares are so cute~

Final Verdict: I’m definitely going to keep up with this series.