Kuroshitsuji II: ep 8- Sebby’s Smile Is Much Hawter..

Well, I guess Alois hasn’t died… yet. All the fangirls who are in love with Claude might be happy since in this episode, Claude has smiled [for the first time] and smirked. Alois thinks Claude smiling is disgusting but I think its pretty hawt x3 ahah. BUT, Sebby’s smile is much hawter. lol. So sad, no Sebby in this episode. >__>

Well, Alois orders Hannah to take him to Ciel Phantomhive. I wonder what he wants with Ciel and what he could do in such a state. Is Claude completely obsessed with Ciel now? I don’t know if I’m imagining it but the ring that Claude made looks similar to the one that Ciel wears on his thumb. And then we get to know about Alois’ past and the suffering he’s gone through. Alois had such an adorable little brother named Luca who died along with the villagers.

Alois was taken to the ‘Queen’s Spider’ as a candidate to be his prey. The guy is a total perv. He looked so creepy. He likes teenage boys. eww.
Alois is told how to call for ‘fairies’ [which are actually demons’ and the one who showed up was Claude. Alois, dressed in a red kimono, seduces the guy… eh, what the heck? =.= It’s revealed that Sebastian destroyed Alois’ village thus causing the death of Luca through the orders of Ciel.

I didn’t really give Hannah much thought but I should have. Well, it might’ve been obvious to everyone that she was a demon but it wasn’t for me. I just figured she was probably an assassin or similar to Meirin but I was so wrong. Grell was the one to point it out for me. I fail. OTL. Hannah gets thoroughly stabbed with Grell’s chainsaw but is still alive so I guess she really is a demon. Finally, the sad part is that Claude kills Alois. I guess it’s what a demon is supposed to do but it was really sad since before getting killed, Alois said to Claude: “You yourself are My Highness” while in tears.

Some people are suggesting that Alois’ soul is in that ring that Claude is holding. What do you think? Some are thinking that Hannah will save Alois or at least they hope that Hannah will save Alois.

Should Alois be revived or should he stay dead?

5 responses to “Kuroshitsuji II: ep 8- Sebby’s Smile Is Much Hawter..

  1. i finally got to watch it, and i agree seby’s smile is much hotter but claude’s not bad. oh guess what,u r not alone. i fail too.. i didn’t suspect hannah to be an akuma XD

    anyway, somehow im not sad with alois death, i guess i just found him too twisted XP I do think the ring is the soul though. so hannah is going to… umm revive an empty body, perhaps? or something else.

    • I’m glad you agree, ahah because its true. :3
      woot, *high five* we both fail. x]

      yeahh, his death didn’t have much affect on me personally. but I really can’t believe Claude would do that to him. Do you think that Hannah and the triplets are part of the package that comes with Claude when one makes a contract with him?

  2. Tbh I think Alois should be revived. He was just too funny of a character. xD

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