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Psyren: Chapter 131- Wait, what? Using Marie's Body?

Chapter 131: Time to Replace
Even though [Star Commander No. 5] Vigo is an antagonist in this series since he’s part of W.I.S.E., a cult that’s basically destroyed the world and recreated it, at the end of the chapter, he seems to have kindness that I wouldn’t have expected from a member of W.I.S.E.

To Vigo, ‘family is an ugly bond’ because of his experiences from being different from the norm. He has powers that people fear. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more background information on Vigo because I would like to know the cause for him to take the path of a serial killer.
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Bleach: Chapter 417 DEICIDE 19

So last week’s “Deicide The End” was for nothing because this week we get another Deicide chapter >_<

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