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Phi Brain: Ep 1

Overall Impression:
Puzzles can be precarious by endangering lives and that’s what Kaito hates. It makes the solving of puzzles badass and intense especially when there are things at risk. I’m interested in a few of the characters and what their stance is in terms of allies of the protagonist or his enemies. What is it that Kaito can now accomplish by fulfilling Orpheus’ contract. It seems that Einstein wasn’t able to fulfill the contract but Kaito was, so does that make Kaito smart than Einstein? I’m interested in seeing how they’ll portray Kaito’s intelligence that can’t be matched at this point.

I’m having issues with Nonoha as a character and her purpose in the series. Somehow, I find that she’s just there to cause trouble for Kaito and for him to bail her out when necessary. Also, I don’t really like the way the characters look, their character designs aren’t all that great. The animation isn’t as nice as I thought it would be.

Main Characters:
Kaito: He’s smart and it makes me jealous. There’s something about his hair that just doesn’t sit right with me. He’s suppose to be possibly the smartest man alive and yet I didn’t get that kind of vibe as I watched the episode. Him fulfilling the Orpheus contract didn’t have much of an impact on me. I was expecting more; hopefully the next episode will be different.

Nonoha: Her very first lines were: ‘I even made him breakfast and went and pick him up!’ in a whiny voice and I knew right away that I wouldn’t like her. It turns out that I don’t like her at all.
When she volunteered to go with him to the Sage Puzzle, I knew that she would cause him trouble. She almost died because she rushed in with such eagerness after Kaito’s warnings. Her only good points are that she’s able to help Kaito out with her good memory and her kicks.

Favorite Scene:

I wasn’t expecting it so it surprised me a bit but then I found it kind of childish and adorable.

Final Verdict: I’ll watch the next episode since there seems to be a dude who sounds crazy.