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Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Ep 9-

The sketchbook kiss from the last episode was just too adorable. It’s easy to see why he’s just out of it with everything that’s going on. He’s confused about how Yukina kissed him at the cafe since he didn’t expect for Yukina to be into guys.

Yukina can get mean when it comes to Kisa. I thought it was cute how his tone totally changed when he warned the guy not to mess with Kisa anymore. Kisa’s ex was being such a punk.

Oh my. Yukina’s never fallen for a guy before. I’m a bit surprised at how he’s handling his feelings since its his first time liking a guy, first time confessing to a guy, and first time saying ‘iloveyou’ to a guy. It was funny how Yukina sent Kisa three texts but the first two having to do with congratulating Kisa on having more copies of his book and the last one with ‘iloveyou’. It’s too cute. hah.

Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi: Ep 2- Let It Begin…

Let the seducing begin. Pfft, I wanted to say it. I couldn’t help myself even if it sounds weird.

I didn’t expect for things to progress this fast and for Ritsu to find out so quickly.
A summary of what Takano says:
‘Don’t you remember me? In my senior year, my parents divorced and I changed my name. My name used to be Saga Masamune.’
Then he walks away in a cool manner~

Ritsu is just too funny with his twisted personality. It’s adorable how he gets all flustered after finding out that Takano=Saga. The humor in this episode was better than I had expected. It was a surprise to find out that Ritsu and Takano are neighbors now that Ritsu moved into his new apartment. I can’t wait to see how they’ll interact now that the chances of them bumping into each other are a lot higher.

I find it kind of lame that they broke up because Takano laughed when Ritsu asked him how he felt about him. It’s funny how Ritsu kicked Takano and then ran away. I wonder if Takano did anything to try to fix their relationship. For now, I blame the both of them for how their relationship in high school turned out.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep 1~

This would actually count as my first series of shonenai/yaoi– which ever you prefer to call it. I’ve never really had an interest in those types of shows but I decided to give this one a try.

It’s funny how in high school, I think it was high school that the beginning took place in, Ritsu was all fluttering and shy but when he’s 25 and out in the adult world, he’s just so blunt– in his mind of course. He isn’t as kind as his appearance and manners suggest. He even admits to having a twisted personality.
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