Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Ep 1~

This would actually count as my first series of shonenai/yaoi– which ever you prefer to call it. I’ve never really had an interest in those types of shows but I decided to give this one a try.

It’s funny how in high school, I think it was high school that the beginning took place in, Ritsu was all fluttering and shy but when he’s 25 and out in the adult world, he’s just so blunt– in his mind of course. He isn’t as kind as his appearance and manners suggest. He even admits to having a twisted personality.

–Some people have said that is series is essentially a copy of Junjou Romantica with similar situations except for a few twists thrown here and there. What’s more is that Junjou Romantica’s author is the same author for this series. Clearly, the author has run out of creativity.–

PhotobucketI haven’t watched Junjou Romantica so I wouldn’t know that it’s similar to Junjou Romantica. Seeing as I haven’t watched it before, I can’t make comparisons. Not making comparisons, I find that this series is alright. It’s not that bad. I find it [somewhat] funny and enjoyable.

Overall, it was good especially for my first yaoi series. I’m just watching to find out what will happen once Ritsu finds out that the editor was his first lover. Hah, I can’t wait for the awkwardness to begin once it’s all exposed. Not only that but the OP and ED were nice. The OP has a nice and catchy beat to it.


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