Psycho-Pass Ep One

First episode was somewhat enjoyable but a majority of it was predictable. There was good use of suspense in keeping me on the edge of my seat at certain points. It’s somewhat gory and doesn’t hold back on shoving the violence in your face but some people like it that way. I know that it is only the first episode but come on now, these characters are so flat, they’re like a damn cutting board. Maybe I’ll give the second episode a try but it’s not as impressive as I thought it’d be. But the Dominator has a cool sound effect when it’s used.

On a more serious tone, this series explores the idea of leaving technology in control of society. Do you use your emotions or do you use unbiased technological devices to determine the criminalistic tendency of an individual? It’s a difficult question to answer and I’m curious to see what answer this series will come up with.

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