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Giant Killing-sixteen

Focus: Sera.

ETU, the soccer team the series is about, faces off the Yokohama Mariners. Starting from the previous episode, the series shifts its focus onto Sera. Sera is the starting forward of the team and begins to worry about his starting position when Natsuki, a former forward that was absolutely amazing in his position, returned from rehab. To make it worst, Sera beats himself up for being able to only score one goal in all the games he’s been in up to this point and to mess up possible chances for a goal.

In the beginning, Sera shows signs of wavering and a weakening mentality due to pressure. At this point, I wonder if he’ll be able to pull himself together and overcome his worries of having his starter position taken away. Will he find mental stability on his own or will a teammate help him out with inspiring words? [In most cases, the wavering character is consolidated by another character and amazingly does well afterward.] Isn’t that how it usually turns out? Or is it just me?
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