Simply putting my writing skills to use by writing about what I love, anime! Currently a first year in college and even with so much to do, I still make time for anime. You may see some poems now and then that are written by me. These poems are usually written with certain anime characters in mind and I try to utilize my artistic sense to bring these characters to life through poems and words. Hope to see you around!

Questions, comments, concerns or you have a burning desire to be my friend, shoot me an email. [RailTracing@gmail.com]


I’m a new writer here, hurray =] Note! English is not my native language, so at times my writing could have lots of typos or sound incoherent. But I will try to double check, though sometimes errors become invisible to me lol.

So, what do I read/watch? Basically shounen (both mainstream and not mainstream) and shoujo. Occasionally I read josei and seinen. Some series I like are: Bleach, Naruto, D.Gray Man, Vampire Knight, Dengeki Daisy, Bakuman, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, and many, many more.

so… if you need something you can either find me at my site [whitebliss.co.cc] or send me an email [white.bliss17(at)gmail.com]

12 responses to “ABOUT?

  1. Hello there ;)
    Thanks so much for your comment on our blog :D you wanna exchange links ?

    B-chan & Kayu-chan

  2. I just realized this, but we haven’t exactly exchanged links have we?

  3. Care to exchange links with a cute mascotte character like me? :P

  4. Hello there!

    Thought maybe you might want to peek at my site and consider a link exchange…? :)

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