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Arcana Famiglia Ep 1: a variety of bishies

Pache <3. He’s my favorite for now since he’s voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. He looks so cute with crumbs on his face. ahah.

There’s about six of them that have Arcana powers, I think. There’s a lot of characters and they were all introduced in the first ep so I can’t remember exactly how many there were. Does the bald guy and Papa count? Lol. They might be a but too old. There definitely a variety of flat characters. I hope they’ll get a chance to flesh out but it may not happen. There’s a dude with an eyepatch too. I have say, Pache is my favorite.

The direction this series is going in is focusing on the Arcana Duello between the members who have Arcana powers. All who hold an Arcana power will be fighting for the right to be the Papa and to marry/not marry Felicita. This screams cliche. The tournament is simply an excuse used to provide over the top action and showcasing the bishes that this show has to offer.

For some reason, I’m really anal about the way information was presented and the Arcana powers of each individual was introduced was just too forceful. Other than the name of each individual’s powers and a general sentence of its function, nothing else is explained. We aren’t even given details regarding the origins and purpose of such powers.

With only 12 episodes, I wonder how good this will actually be. Overall, it’s more comedic and lighthearted but the jokes aren’t that funny. You might giggle but if you’re looking for outright laughter to the point of not being able to breathe, look else where. But I like the use of Italian, it’s Italian, right?

Rating: Good/Enjoyable, missing some elements 3-/5
This series is definitely one for entertainment and fussing over bishies but may not delve further to make it a memorable/worthwhile series. If this series had some blood, I would’ve given it a solid 3.