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C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control-Ep 1

That is such a long title.

This dude is such a creeper but he’s so awesome. He’s weird too. He’s so eccentric and different. He might just become my favorite character in the series. I think his name was Masakaki.

I like the OP. I like the song but what I’m talking about is the actually sequence. I find it really cool when there are silhouettes of objects, people, and other things.

It seems that there will be action. Fights between people with cards in the Financial District. I’m really curious about the Financial District. There seems to be people hanging out there so I wonder if it’s possible for people to stay there forever.

I guess everyone fights/battles for more money? I wonder what happens to the loser. It doesn’t seem like people will die from the fights. They’ll just lose their points?

I’m going to continue watching this just to see more of the Financial District and understand how it works. I love the way the financial district looks and how there’s a separate world. Overall, I’m interested in the District and the different perspectives of what money is.