Other Blogs to Visit

These are the blogs that I frequent and love reading. I am really horrible at descriptions so don’t be offended if yours is short or isn’t descriptive enough. Even now, I am trying to think of a better description.

  • Anime and College Level Procrastination -rapmasterq has been inactive for a several months now but hopefully he’ll revive one day.
  • Otaku Life:Anime Review -Arianna Sterling has been inactive for a few months now but hopefully she’ll revive one day.
  • Animetem -Xephelion has been gone for about two years now. I would think that he’s not going to come back but just maybe…
  • bananaMuffin Anime Blog -Ruby seems to be back but I’m not sure.
  • Bateszi Anime Blog -Three bloggers: Bateszi, dengar, and Celeste. 99.9 % of the time, I’m simply a lurker just because their posts say all that I have to offer.
  • Bikachama -B-chan and Kayu-chan blog manga chapters and sometimes Kpop and Jpop
  • Canne’s anime review blog -Canne blogs about things related to anime. I’m mostly a lurker on this site too.
  • Empty Blue -Feal87, recent and episodic anime reviews.
  • Gin_no_Dangan -Ginnodangan has very detailed summaries and lots of screenshots which all compliment his writing.
  • j-mAdness -mitayashi posts a lot of music sheets from anime, dorama, games, and Japanese movies.
  • Oishii Anime -chii’s blog focuses on anime and manga reviews with other fun/random things in the mix
  • Organization Anti-Social Geniuses -Justin and lots of other writers on his team bring a variety of content ranging from anime series review, episodic reviews, and anime music reviews to anime news.
  • Sushi GoKart -Anime reviews and interpretation through literary devices, I like it.
  • Temporal Vortex -I stalk Foomafoo and his blog, just kidding.
  • The Awesome Critics Anime and Manga Reviews -Skeptical of their awesomeness? Then go check it out.
  • White Bliss -HYuni’s anime graphics. She has anime wallpapers, icons, and WINAMP skins–They’re wonderful.
  • World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko -hoshiko does episodic anime reviews and occasionally blogs about interesting concepts that relate to anime.

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