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Mawaru Penguin Drum: Ep 1

First off, I must say that the animation is amazing. It’s so colorful and artsy~
The house that they live in and the things within the house all stand out so much with their vibrant and contrasting colors.

I feel that the most important point the episode was trying to present were the… penguins. haha. They are so cute. *_* And not to mention helpful. They can understand the human language and perform probably simple tasks that are asked of them.

The eccentricity of the being who controls Himari is definitely intriguing~

Those are some badass penguins. They can run errands, cooking, sow and best of all, be as stealthy as ninjas. They’ll even go through the pouring rain to hand you an umbrella, what more could you possibly want from such an adorable little penguin?

Final Verdict: