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AMVs: Sailor Moon

This is going to be something new. I’ll link amvs (anime music videos) wherever I find good ones. There are many AMVs out there that don’t get much attention so hopefully these posts will give them the attention that they deserve.

For today, there are two.
[Re-Evo] Luminous

The creator of this AMV is Metallilyn who is part of Re-Evolution Studios.
The scenes chosen combined with the catchy song create a video that is very entertaining. I remember a couple of months ago when it was uploaded, I basically destroyed the replay button. The first time I saw this video, I didn’t really pay much attention to the song until the second time around, I was hooked. The song “No Light, No Light” is a perfect song that really brings out the emotions of the scenes especially at the end where Sailor Moon seems to have this emotionless expression. The song really captures the fight and the hopelessness of the situation.

[Re-Evo] Illuminate – Prequel to Luminous

Again, Metallilyn is the creator of this AMV. This second AMV focuses more of presenting Sailor Moon and the others feeling utmost despair and desperation to a resolute determination to continue the fight. The slow tempo of the song compliments the theme of the video very well.

I like Luminous better just because the song is much more upbeat than Illuminate. These videos make me want to continue watching Sailor Moon again and I just might do so in the near future. Watching these AMVs bring back so many childhood memories. <3

Make sure to check out these videos and subscribe to Metallilyn to be updated on videos that may be uploaded in the future if you like the style.