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Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep Two and Three

Episode Two

What a horrible brother claiming that the only one to be able to deceive Yura is him.  He’s so egocentric thinking that his words are laws and that if he claims yokais to be evil, then they are absolute evil.

I wonder if  Ryuji  knows or even cares about the Nura Clan and Rikuo being head of the Nura clan. I hope he doesn’t just group all yokai into one single group although he’s already done that by calling them all evil. I would think that Rikuo is on par with Yura’s brother in terms of power and strength but he probably doesn’t think that. He probably believes that he’s better than Rikuo and he’ll be in for a surprise.

Episode Three:

To me, this exchange of dialogue between Rikuo and Ryuji was the highlight of the show. It suggests that Nurarihyon and the Keikain family may have some special and possibly friendly relationship despite their traditionally opposing forces due to them being their respective races.

Rikuo was getting himself beaten up. It was a one-sided fight and he would’ve been seriously injured by Mamiru if Ryuji hadn’t ordered him to stop. I wonder if Rikuo can get stronger by training because he seriously needs to train.

The next episode will focus on the past and it’s something that I don’t mind. It’s about time we got some information on the past and how Nurarihyon was able to meet with his human wife.

Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep1

The opening scene was awesome. It got me hooked and my eyes glued to the screen~

If it was that easy for his to get stabbed by the little girl then he must have really trusted her since I’m guessing he put his guard down. That’s sad. She took away little Rikuo’s dad. I want to see Rikuo’s dad in action as the Second Heir[?Is that what he’s called?].

All the stuff in between the opening scene and closing scene brought back the hype I had for the first season a few months back.

*_* They look so badass but Kappa is so cute~~
I liked how this episode presented the full story about how the bus attack by Gagoze occurred and Rikuo ended up at the scene. Now it’s clear how Kiyo Cross Supernatural Squad met Rikuo in his yokai form for the first time– it’s not a mystery anymore.

Little Rikuo is so awesome.

The older Rikuo is even more awesome~~

I’m hoping this season will kick more ass than the first season so I’m really looking forward to watching this.