Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep1

The opening scene was awesome. It got me hooked and my eyes glued to the screen~

If it was that easy for his to get stabbed by the little girl then he must have really trusted her since I’m guessing he put his guard down. That’s sad. She took away little Rikuo’s dad. I want to see Rikuo’s dad in action as the Second Heir[?Is that what he’s called?].

All the stuff in between the opening scene and closing scene brought back the hype I had for the first season a few months back.

*_* They look so badass but Kappa is so cute~~
I liked how this episode presented the full story about how the bus attack by Gagoze occurred and Rikuo ended up at the scene. Now it’s clear how Kiyo Cross Supernatural Squad met Rikuo in his yokai form for the first time– it’s not a mystery anymore.

Little Rikuo is so awesome.

The older Rikuo is even more awesome~~

I’m hoping this season will kick more ass than the first season so I’m really looking forward to watching this.



12 responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep1

  1. Kind of disappointing to see the season mostly start with what we already know and should have been there to begin with but it was a good start none the less. Especially with how it opened with Rihan (Rikuo’s father) being cut down, even if it will remove some of the mystery about his death.
    Either way I’m interested to see how they’ll pull off the next episode, it looks like they’ll be throwing quite a few things into it.

    • I can understand why you’re a bit disappointed since it’s the long-awaited second season and many would have wanted things to start off with new and exciting stuff. I’m glad that this episode wasn’t one of those crappy recap eps that just summarized season one. This episode told a specific story to include certain details.
      I’m a bit confused as to why Rikuo doesn’t mention much about his father though…

  2. well, i watch a little at animax. quite promising with *cough* bishounen around :D

    eh, wait.. is this the same one with the one air on animax now?

    • Hmm, is animax a kind of program? I’ve never heard of it before… o_o

      • animax is a TV cable channel. I think it was an USA TV but my brother said it was japanese one. I never check, so i dunno.
        For sure animax is only airing japanese (and sometimes korean but very rare) anime. It had finished airing Nura, which I think the first season.

        I am still confuse, anyway… what is the complete title of first and second season of Nura? The title is too long. i barely can remember. can you help?

        • the first season is called: Nurarihyon no Mago
          then the second season is : Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou
          hah, i agree, the title is long.

          • ah, get it now! thanks…
            but speaking about long title,.. i think nobody can beat Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto. I mean, even to “spell” it part was already hard. I need around 1-2 weeks to memorize it XD

            • haha, what is it about?
              i think thats the longest title ive seen so far.

              • It’s set on bakumatsu era. basically, it follows the real historical events, even some historical people including Shinsengumi and Sakamoto Ryoma. The story itself is centered on a young yojimbo named Akizuki whom possessed a sword which had magic effect. The story is pretty dark and even though it’s quite a ‘fantasy’, it’s pretty realistic. And for sure, it has lots of bishounen :D

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