Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep Two and Three

Episode Two

What a horrible brother claiming that the only one to be able to deceive Yura is him.  He’s so egocentric thinking that his words are laws and that if he claims yokais to be evil, then they are absolute evil.

I wonder if  Ryuji  knows or even cares about the Nura Clan and Rikuo being head of the Nura clan. I hope he doesn’t just group all yokai into one single group although he’s already done that by calling them all evil. I would think that Rikuo is on par with Yura’s brother in terms of power and strength but he probably doesn’t think that. He probably believes that he’s better than Rikuo and he’ll be in for a surprise.

Episode Three:

To me, this exchange of dialogue between Rikuo and Ryuji was the highlight of the show. It suggests that Nurarihyon and the Keikain family may have some special and possibly friendly relationship despite their traditionally opposing forces due to them being their respective races.

Rikuo was getting himself beaten up. It was a one-sided fight and he would’ve been seriously injured by Mamiru if Ryuji hadn’t ordered him to stop. I wonder if Rikuo can get stronger by training because he seriously needs to train.

The next episode will focus on the past and it’s something that I don’t mind. It’s about time we got some information on the past and how Nurarihyon was able to meet with his human wife.

5 responses to “Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou- Ep Two and Three

  1. Well I think Rikuo is all too naive and innocent, even in his youkai form, to fight the likes of Ryuji who specializes inn manipulating his words to deceive his foes. Nothing we can do about his natural personality but with some training I believe he can defeat Ryuji too. Though he’s being a horrible example of brother and all. I think he’s probably the best Keikain out there.

    • It’s probably because he’s always been human, kept away from all the conflicts of the yokai world and all of a sudden, he’s given a huge responsibility of being the Third Heir. innocent and naive is what he is but those are his charming points that inflict awe and admiration amongst his followers because he does what he feels is right without possible limitations brought about by maturity and -insert word opposite of innocence since I can’t think of one right now-.

      I hope the long comment above made sense.. it made sense in my head but I’m not sure if it did outside of my thought bubble.

  2. Oooh, Nurarihyon’s second season. I really should watch this, actually, I really should catch up on the manga again, maybe after exams.
    I just watched the first 3 minutes of the 1st episode, this season seems awesome.
    The way this season started with the little Rikou is how the manga started to, but the part about the 2nd head doesn’t come until much later, so I am predicting it might come into play at the end of this season.

    I actually really like Ryuji, he seems like an annoying guy right now, but he turns into quite the cool character, sure he remains arrogant, but he is much more like-able later on, and he is actually not that strong, but just really good at using his head, which is a rare quality in Shonen characters.

    Most of Rikou’s training will come before and during the Kyoto arc, and that is probably still a bit far away.

    The Nura flashback is quite awesome, the first leader was quite the badass, actually, in some ways, he still is still quite a badass.

    The mystery surrounding the 2nd is one of the finest mysteries in Shonen, no joke, that girl you saw at the beginning has quite the history with the 2nd, trust me, you won’t see the history coming.

    Lastly, let me just mention that the 2nd was a complete and utter badass, heck, he might even give the 4th Hokage problems in a coolest dad of all time contest.

    • The opening scene just had me completely focused so it was definitely a nice way to start the second season. If the second head is shown so early, it could be possible that anime might skip some things in the manga.

      Is Ryuji one of the strongest fighters that the Keikain have?

      Definitely agree with Nura flashbacks being awesome. They show a different side of him that I wouldn’t have thought to be true because of his current elderly appearance.

      Unfortunately, I was careless and read some spoilers but it still definitely surprised me to find out about her connection to the second. It’s such a great twist.

      That last comment of yours makes me super curious as to how awesome of a dad the second could be. I can’t wait~~

      • “Is Ryuji one of the strongest fighters that the Keikain have?“
        ehh, well I guess he kind of his, there might be one or two others who are a bit stronger than him, but yeah, he is up there, though in the recent future, his little sister (who happens to be known as quite the genius) will end up being quite strong to.

        Oh, and I might have accidentally implied that he was an awesome dad (which I have no doubt he was), but I was more or less saying that he is a really cool character who just happens to have been a dad, but I have no doubt that he was a good dad to, we just haven`t seen too much of that side just yet, though it might have been shown in the newest chapters which I haven`t read yet.

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