No. 6: Ep 3- More BL moments~

This episode has more BL moments than the first and second episode combined and I’m content… so far. I want more of those cute moments, haha. I didn’t expect for Nezumi to be that touchy with Shion considering his personality but it was nice– it had me squealing for more.

It was interesting to learn that there are services provided to those that live outside the city such as the hotel and dogs as heaters. It made me realize a few characteristics of Shion’s when the dogs stopped acting aggressive and warmed up to him. It shows that deep down, he really is a good person if people didn’t already know and that he won’t falter– at least when facing a pack of aggressive dogs.

It seems that some people dislike Nezumi because of his cruel thoughts of wanting No.6 to collapse and suffer. Yes, he sounds cruel for wanting everyone to die and going on about it being something that he’ll enjoy but we don’t know his past and his real reason for wanting the city to go down so badly. Therefore, I will not judge whether he’s evil and truly cruel until Nezumi’s past is revealed–if it ever gets touched upon by the anime.

9 responses to “No. 6: Ep 3- More BL moments~

  1. My significant other and I plan to cosplay Shion and Nezumi at some point in the future. I love how this series is really nice about fanservice, but it’s not like…gratuitous in the actual yaoi way.

  2. I’m a bit distracted with all the BL that this show offers. Whether it’s intended or not, I don’t know.

    I must say that whenever there are futuristic anime, I’m very much interested on the setting. As of now, we’re getting all the character developments between Nezumi and Shion but I hope they show us soon the dirt of No.6 to further my interest about the show.

    • Well, since I’m becoming a fan of BL, I’m welcoming the BL but it doesnt seem to distract me. Instead, it’s got me wanting for more of this show.

      The setting is very intriguing in how the city functions by disposing of any who show signs of even slight civil disobedience.

  3. I do love this series. Most BL are (sorry) not worth to watch. I only appreciate 2 anime BL: No. 6 and Fuyu no Semi for both had all qualification I wanted: strong characterization, good plot, strong in details, and ability to build the mood.

    It’s not easy to write a detail sci-fi especially details on social life like in No. 6. This story, only Seirei no Moribito can beat it :D

    And I love the graphic. The quality is as good as OAV.

    Lol, the BL part is a bit.. annoying :D without any BL scene, it will go better, hahahah however, it was only ‘lemon’ BL, so it didn’t really a big problem. I actually wonder about the original novel version. does it has BL inside? I found out that the book was categorize as children book in Kinokuniya Japan. :D

    • Lol, nothing to be sorry for. I don’t mind. You’re being honest.
      I watched Fuyu no Semi and it was good. I understand, most BL today don’t have much to them (ex: Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi) but I still find them enjoyable because they’re cliches. :3
      Personally, the little BL scenes made it much more intriguing for me in terms of their relationship with one another and how the show wanted to portray it. I’m not sure. I didn’t get to read the novel. If its cateogrized as a children’s book, I don’t think there’s extreme BL stuff in there, haha.

      • Well, personally i feel that the sexuality issue in this anime is ambigue (not really clear). I think shion is attracted to safu, but well, you know shion, right? naive to everything. nezumi doesnt bother to kiss female.. and the dogkeeper is acting like a boy. i think the actual novelist tried to make the gender issue as neutral as possible or.. she purposedly made it unclear.

        Anyway, for a BL, this is the only show where female presence are significant and play important role as male. fuuyu no semi had female presence but still less than No. 6. Other than these 2, i never find any BL with women involved. recommend me, if you know any.. :D

        • That is true. It was interesting how these characters cross the boundary of gender.

          I never seen any with much women involvement either. They usually just focus on the relationship between the two male characters unless they wanted one of them to be jealous, they’d quickly introduce a female or another male.

          • I read somewhere that the original novel is actually a normal story. The blog said that in one magazine interview, the writer was asked why she made it into yaoi: was it as fan service?

            she said that she thought Shion would see “love” as genderless. Love is just a universal thing.

            I cannot remember the exact way she talked.. but this was the only clue why the anime version is filled with ambiguity, IMHO.

            • Wow, that’s really interesting but it wasn’t THAT ambiguous is what I think. It was obvious that she wanted to make Shion and Nezumi a pair so it doesn’t really count as a genderless love.

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