Finally Started Fate Zero

Got the chance to finish Fate Stay Night a few days ago and started on Fate Zero. Fate Zero has much more interesting characters who add a great deal to the excitement. There’s a plenty of differing characters, motives, and ideals.

Waver Velvet. I understand his need for proving his capabilities to others who don’t acknowledge him; however, his personality sucks. He’s such a whiner. If I were Iskandar, I would’ve flicked him a couple more times.

Lancer, He’s hot.

In the last episode, I wanted to cry after seeing what Bluebeard did to that little boy. Giving him hope then dragging him back into the depths of fear and despair only to devour him. There wasn’t any character in the Fate Stay Night series like him. This is one evil and merciless dude.

3 responses to “Finally Started Fate Zero

  1. *sniff* I wish I finally got started on F/Z…though I still haven’t watched F/SN O.o

    • You, my friend, are definitely missing out on the greatness of Fate Zero. I said that I didn’t like Waver and someone else being a fan of Waver seemed upset with me. I feel hurt. lol.

  2. Fated Zero is one wicked anime, the brutal killing, the realistic logic, its a great anime to watch

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