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Kimi to Boku: Ep 1

Overall impression:

This series is pretty much slice-of-life type of anime. I’m assuming it’s going to tell the story of their 17th spring together. There were a few scenes that were pretty funny and had me laughing but not enough to classify it as a comedy series. It was interesting how cats were used to somewhat represent them and their actions. The exchanges between characters like Kaname and Yuki are fun to watch especially when they’re bickering and insulting each other. Kaname seems to be a bit flustered when their sensei walked over and talked to them. He didn’t say much and turned away from the group, it’s cute. Maybe he has a crush on their sensei, I’d like to see what happens. I want to see how this series will portray friendship and how their friendship will turn out after they go through their 17th spring together, hah. I’m interested in how their friendship will develop and how they develop relationships with others outside of their group.


Shun: He’s very gentle and I’d say he’s a bit timid. He’s basically the one who mediates when there’s a conflict between the others in their group of friends. The one thing that I have a problem with him is his hair. Why must it be long? It just doesn’t look good. I had mistaken him for being a girl until I heard him speak.

Kaname: Man, this dude complains so much. He gets so stressed out, so tense, so pissed at the most useless things ever. But, he was cute as a kid. He has furrowed brows and his face looks so tense.

Yuta: Yuki’s older twin brother. He combs Shun’s long hair… I wonder if he’s athletic too. He doesn’t seem to fight with Kaname verbally as much as Yuki does. I’m sure he and Yuki cares a lot for Shun but I’m not sure about how they feel towards Kaname.

Yuki: Yuta’s younger twin brother. This dude seems to be the one who engages in verbal arguments with Kaname the most. He just can’t live without arguing with Kaname about the smallest things. He’s surprisingly athletic for being so lazy and he loves anime and manga.

Favorite Scene:

Lol, the twins are so awesome. Their glares are so cute~

Final Verdict: I’m definitely going to keep up with this series.