In Case You Were Wondering…

This page will answer questions that you might have regarding this site. Okay.. you probably didn’t even have questions but oh well. It’s just for clarification. >3> puhh~~

First: Review-ish.
I put ‘review-ish’ with the ‘-ish’ at the end because… hmm, it’s not actually a review. It’s more like my thoughts all muddled up together on a post so that’s why I might just talk about characters or I might just talk about plot or whatever and not everything. It’s cause I forget to. :P

Second: Idontknow.
Yeah, I put ‘Idontknow’ as one word. Why? –I have no idea. I think it looks better than putting ‘idk’ or writing it with spaces like: ‘I dont know’.

More to come later. Pfft, If you even care. ~3~

4 responses to “In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. Hey, I thought it would be fun to support each others with our blog. =)

  2. Yeah, I’m now referring you. =D

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