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Fairy Tail: Episode 59

There were some nice surprises in this episode~
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Fairy Tail: Episode 49- Fateful Encounter

New Opening, New Ending, New arc.

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Fairy Tail: Episode 45- Demon Mirajane

Episode 45: Descent of Satan.
Juvia sacrificing herself to unlock the runes, Mirajane finally using her magic, and the truth about Gajeel. This episode was really awesome.

I didn’t imagine Bickslow to look like that. With cooperation, Lucy and Loke defeat Bickslow. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Loke and hopefully, we’ll continue to see him.

Cana and Juvia come across Freed to only step into runes he had set. The rules were for last one standing to fight Freed. Freed preferred fighting Cana because he considers Juvia as a ‘woman of Phantom’s’. She’s affected and to prove that she is loyal to Fairy Tail, she sacrifices herself to unlock the runes.
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