Fairy Tail: Episode 49- Fateful Encounter

New Opening, New Ending, New arc.

5th Opening–

  • Song: エガオノマホウ / Egao no Mahou
  • Artist: MAGIC PARTY
  • uhm,, I felt like this should’ve been the ending since it wasn’t a fast beat song that I would like for an Opening to be.

5th Ending–

  • Song: HOLY SHINE
  • Artist: DAISYxDAISY
  • This was really nice, both the song and the visual part of it.

This episode was used to introduce the new arc. Judging from the opening, there’ll be quite a few additions to the characters list. Also, some characters from earlier arcs, in the beginning of the series, are returning. It’ll be fun to see how they work with Fairy Tail. I’m pretty sure this time they’re returning as allies of Fairy Tail since it was shown in the Opening. I’ve noticed and that their enemies later become their allies as the story progresses. Maybe I’m just slow and everyone else has already figured out this trend.

Aww, I really didn’t want Laxus to be kicked out. I wonder if we’ll ever see him again. Is there a way to be part of a guild again after being expelled? I sure hope there is a way. He repented and understood what he did wrong.. which is surprising. I thought he would still be stubborn and want to take over the guild even after being defeated but he changed.

FREEED!!!!! He shaved off all his hair!!!.. I thought he looked pretty good with long hair and now that it's gone, it's going to have to take some time getting use to his baldness. T_T

Jason [I think it was his name] the report from the magazine was pretty funny. ahah, his entrance reminded me of Franky from One Piece. :3 What bothered me about this episode were Lucy’s attempts to try to get the reporter’s attention. >_> It annoyed me. Also, that guy she met, ahah, he chose Cana over her. I thought that was messed up but funny at the same time.

I think I’ll love this series no matter what just because it’s Shonen. It also gives me that rush of adrenaline when Natsu fights against his foes and does some ass-kicking. Lately, the feeling of wanting to cheer for him has dissipated. Maybe it’s because he’s not fun to watch anymore.


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