Fairy Tail: Episode 45- Demon Mirajane

Episode 45: Descent of Satan.
Juvia sacrificing herself to unlock the runes, Mirajane finally using her magic, and the truth about Gajeel. This episode was really awesome.

I didn’t imagine Bickslow to look like that. With cooperation, Lucy and Loke defeat Bickslow. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Loke and hopefully, we’ll continue to see him.

Cana and Juvia come across Freed to only step into runes he had set. The rules were for last one standing to fight Freed. Freed preferred fighting Cana because he considers Juvia as a ‘woman of Phantom’s’. She’s affected and to prove that she is loyal to Fairy Tail, she sacrifices herself to unlock the runes.

I am disappointed in Gajeel believing he changed and wants to become part of the guild but I was wrong. Gajeel might change and soon come to like Fairy Tail causing him to betray Ivan. Is it wishful thinking? Or is it possible? What is their plan for having Gajeel infiltrate Fairy Tail? And is Juvia in on their plan? I hope not.

Seeing Elfman being tortured by Freed kept putting pressure, stress, and the feeling of helplessness on Mirajane. She’s had enough and goes all out in stopping Freed. Unable to take on Mirajane normally, he had to turn himself into a demon and even then, he wasn’t even on par with Mirajane.

Freed was completely overwhelmed, horrified, and terrified of Mirajane’s powers. He said that he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to start this battle of Fairy Tail or hurt anyone. So then why did he do it? Was he forced by Laxus?
Mirajane’s demonic takeover is Satan’s soul. Wow, I am in awe. Seriously, she is so powerful that it’s unbelievable. She probably doesn’t use her magic often because her personality drastically changes from nice to ruthless. If it weren’t for the resurfacing memory of Lisanna, Freed would’ve been dead with that blow. But it all ends well so I’m glad.

[Ecriture means writing, I just learned something new. :3]

When will Mystogan appear? Mystogan reminds me of Jellal because of his blue hair. :3 What’s Mystogan’s true identity. The last person remaining from the opposing team is Laxus.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode.


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