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Beelzebub: Episode Four- Baby Beel’s Precarious Pee.

Hah, I never knew how dangerous pee from a Demon Lord’s could be.
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Beelzebub: Ep 2

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[Initial Reaction] Beelzebub: Ep 1

The way this episode started did such a good job at catching my attention and keeping it throughout the entire series. It was pretty humorous except when some of the, I guess you can call them jokes, were overused. Ex: The electricity thing.
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[One-Shot]: Bench by Masashi Kishimoto

It was a typical story with a few surprises here and there. For a one-shot it was very enjoyable.
I really enjoyed this since Major ended and I haven’t had anything baseball-related to read or watch. Ahh, oh how I miss Major so much. I suppose it had to end sooner or later.
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Fairy Tail: Episode 49- Fateful Encounter

New Opening, New Ending, New arc.

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