Fairy Tail: Episode 59

There were some nice surprises in this episode~

Who would have thought that Jellal has forgotten everything and the only thing he can remember is the name Erza, not even knowing who she is or what she is like. Ugh, it’s so frustrating how Jellal is supposed to be evil but he looked so hurt and sad that I couldn’t bring myself to dislike him. It was pretty sad to see how he’s suffering for things he doesn’t even remember doing.
NOO, Jellal shouldn’t die~ I hope Erza is able to save him.

.. For some reason, I think the ‘Jellal’ that Wendy’s talking about might be Mystogan because Mystogan has that staff thing and a backpack; it’s similar to what Mystogan carries around but I’m probably wrong. :P

.. -__- Natsu should have rolled off the raft so that he could join the fight.


  • Lyon is not dead, yayy. How could he have died? It would’ve been lame for him to die. Not only did he survive but he even saved Racer. I don’t really care about Racer but it’s just how Lyon was so kind so save that dude.
  • Jellal sacrificing himself to destroy Nirvana thereby saving everyone. Also, I liked how he seemed so innocent and that he’s remorseful for things he doesn’t remember doing. It’s kind of sad.. T_T
  • It was nice getting to know Wendy’s past and how she met Jellal. [I thought the entire episode was going to be a recap of what happened with Jellal but I’m glad it wasn’t. heh]

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