Giant Killing-sixteen

Focus: Sera.

ETU, the soccer team the series is about, faces off the Yokohama Mariners. Starting from the previous episode, the series shifts its focus onto Sera. Sera is the starting forward of the team and begins to worry about his starting position when Natsuki, a former forward that was absolutely amazing in his position, returned from rehab. To make it worst, Sera beats himself up for being able to only score one goal in all the games he’s been in up to this point and to mess up possible chances for a goal.

In the beginning, Sera shows signs of wavering and a weakening mentality due to pressure. At this point, I wonder if he’ll be able to pull himself together and overcome his worries of having his starter position taken away. Will he find mental stability on his own or will a teammate help him out with inspiring words? [In most cases, the wavering character is consolidated by another character and amazingly does well afterward.] Isn’t that how it usually turns out? Or is it just me?

-Well, after finishing the episode, it turns out that his mindset will be in a poor state because of a leg injury. I didn’t expect Tsubaki to make a mistake since I believed he would show the same performance he did in the game against Nagoya.

This series has realistic elements, from the plot to the mentality of the characters; it all seems real and plausible to occur. Players are worried about their teammates snatching their positions away from them and ending up on the bench. Dwelling on previous mistakes and errors only serves to affect a player’s performance in a negative way; however, dwelling is fine as long as the player doesn’t go into a panic and pessimistic mode like Sera did.

I do wish that this episode could’ve focused a bit more on the opposing soccer team’s players and coach to get an understanding a coach’s basic way of thinking and strategy. The series may possibly focus on every ETU player for individual character development which is what I hope for.

The above facial expression of Tsubaki’s left me puzzled and it appeared TWICE. =.=
Did that kind of expression only appear in this episode? Or did it appear multiple times throughout the series but I only noticed it in this episode?

One last thing; I really like and absolutely agree with what Natsuki said about Tatsumi, “He appears to not look, but does, appears not to consider you, but does.”

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