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The Breaker: Chapter 70- Ruthless or Faking It?


WOW, I cannot believe all that Chun Woon’s said and done. It caught me off guard. It’s frustrating not knowing if he really meant all that he’s said. He looked so evil as he said all those things with a smile/smirk. Aww, I feel so sad for Shioon. BUT it shouldn’t be assumed that Chun Woon meant everything that was said.

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Anime&Manga: Huge Influence On Me. What About You?

Ever watch an anime or read a manga that has influenced you into taking action? Or gave you courage? Or changed your disposition? Or changed your perception of things?

Well, for me, one anime had an impact and changed a part of me for the better.:3
First, you have to go watch a baseball anime Major or you can read the manga. The protagonist, Goro, has this strong love for baseball and stops at nothing to be at the top. Even at the cost of his right shoulder, he continues and doesn’t look back or regret the decisions he’s made whether they turned out good or bad. -Well, he’s probably looked back once, maybe?-
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The chapter is out and we get  a full color and awesome spread. “Now time has come to an end…”

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The Breaker: Chapt 68/69- A Horrible Master Or Not?

GRRR, stupid alliance chief. >_>

The Alliance Chief dude is pissing me off. =.= He is such a horrible person and it is incomprehensible how he was able to take up such a high-ranking position. I really thought either Chun Woon would sacrifice his life in exchange for Shioon’s as Chun Woon’s master did for him. But Chun Woon came up with another method and that was to expel him.
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Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 12-Together For Eternity…

I cannot believe this series has finally come to an end or rather I didn’t want it to end.

I didn’t expect for Ciel to become a demon but he did. Aww, Claude dies but he’s together with Alois, Luka, and Hannah now.

Ciel considers the self, burdened with a humiliating past, dead the moment he was reborn as a demon.
Well, Sebastian was ordered to be Ciel’s butler until he could devour Ciel’s soul. Since Ciel became a demon, Sebastian couldn’t take his soul which means that he is to serve Ciel for all eternity. Sebby doesn’t look too happy about it. >_< but Ciel is fine with it, maybe even happy about it. ahah.
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BLEACH 419/420

First of all I’ll like to make notice that I don’t have internet at home T_T so Im currently posting this from collage ;p I’m not sure if its chapter 421 or 422 since I can’t check right now. Also, no pics, sorry.

So let’s see, last time I left off when Ichigo had slashed Aizen.

This time I’ll reviewing 2 chapters, and I most remark.. amazing chapters!

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Bakuman: Chapter 98\99


Chapter 98: Handshake and Readjustment

This week we get a color spread celebrating the series 2nd year of serialization. Love how they are cosplaying their characters XP

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BLEACH: Chapter 418 DEICIDE 20

NOTE! [i’m posting this a bit late coz i was too busy and my internet is so crappy right now… but better late than never, right?]

Last week we heard read ichigo say: “I’ll finish this in a instant”… and so this week the final battle starts!

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Fairy Tail: Episode 45- Demon Mirajane

Episode 45: Descent of Satan.
Juvia sacrificing herself to unlock the runes, Mirajane finally using her magic, and the truth about Gajeel. This episode was really awesome.

I didn’t imagine Bickslow to look like that. With cooperation, Lucy and Loke defeat Bickslow. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Loke and hopefully, we’ll continue to see him.

Cana and Juvia come across Freed to only step into runes he had set. The rules were for last one standing to fight Freed. Freed preferred fighting Cana because he considers Juvia as a ‘woman of Phantom’s’. She’s affected and to prove that she is loyal to Fairy Tail, she sacrifices herself to unlock the runes.
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Psyren: Chapter 133- Matsuri and Kagetora

Call 133: Sorry I kept you waiting.
Psyren is getting better and better because of unexpected appearances. I thought the title had something to do with Ageha and Amamiya but it didn’t. And, and, Matsuri blushes because of Kagetora. :3

LOL, Kabuto’s 400m away from the enemy. [About four football fields away, right?] Well, we find out that the enemy Kabuto is talking about is Amagi Miroku. I can understand how Kabuto feels but to be that far away… Amagi’s just too scary for Kabuto. Shao’s probably a lot closer to Amagi. It seems that Amagi is heading somewhere…
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