Kuroshitsuji chapter 48: That butler, solutions

[The best performance is given when an actor “becomes” his role.] This month we we get color page!  Last chapter left off when Mr. Wordsmith returns to the mansion to find out that Jeremy had always been Sebastian in disguise.

Ok, basically this is a recap chapter where Ciel and Sebastian explain to Mr. Wordsmith that they pretty much knew something was going to happen and how the planned out  Sebastian’s death to find the culprit. Mr. Wordsmith, on the other hand, says that he suspected that there’s was something wrong, because Sebastian was just “too perfect”. [That made me crack, off course he’s perfect lol. ] So when Jeremy appeared, he also seemed “too perfect”. So he came to the conclusion that there might be a possibility of something “unreal”… that Sebastian was not dead.

So anyway, the recap leaves off at the part when Sebastian was picking up the poison bottle, before he was hit and “died”. And the real culprit was, as you might already know, Earl Gray. pretty obvious due to the way he acted, specially in the previous chapter when he checked Seby’s body to see if he was really dead.

I guess next chapter we will be seeing the stunt that Sebastian makes to prove once more that he really is “one hell of a butler”, that even death is not an obstacle.

Oh yeah, at the end of the chap, there was an extra pic of the currently airing season 2:

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One response to “Kuroshitsuji chapter 48: That butler, solutions

  1. sebby’s so sexyy. :3 ahah.
    and, and the color page looks really nice.

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