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Kuroshitsuji II-Episode Five

Series: Kuroshitsuji II ; Episode: 5

Sebastian informs those who have some sort of connection to his master that Ciel has lost a part of his memory. The ball held by the Trancy family has the Phantomhive household, Lady Elizabeth with her maid, Lau, Ranmao, Agni, and Prince Soma present for the event. Ciel finds himself chasing Alois to only end up in the basement and somehow seeing a projectile of Sebastian’s intrusion of the Trancy mansion in the first episode. Alois declares in wanting to have Ciel and if he were to refuse, everyone, including those dear to him, in the mansion would be slaughtered. Ciel replies ‘Do as you like.’ and shocks Alois with his response to the threat. Claude is ordered by his highness to capture Ciel and Sebastian is ordered by his lord to protect him at all cost…

This episode answered a few of my questions and gave me many surprises. Even though questions were answered, more questions popped up. OTL.

To my surprise, the Trancy’s triplets are quite skillful and are the exact opposite to the Phantomhive servants who are quite clumsy. The triplets seem to be no ordinary servants and neither are the Phantomhive’s but their appearance at the end of the episode with Claude seems to hint at them being more than just badass servants. They might be part of the contract that came with Claude? :3
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Reborn: chapt 300

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Chapter: 300
Chapter Title: Upgrade
Summary: [from what I’ve read]

Talbot begins his work on fixing the broken Vongola rings. Tsuna, Ryohei, and Gokudera are still in shock of their assault. Talbot comes in with the Vongola rings in stone form and immediately, everyone believes that the upgrade had failed; however the upgrading begins when the Vongola Tenth Generation Family’s resolution is put to the test. Then, Tsuna, Ryohei, Gokudera, and Hibari begin the assessment of their resolution. The rock forms of the rings are in flames but it’s still not enough. Reborn saying, ‘Your family is waiting.’ has their flames burn even hotter, brighter, and fiercer allowing the upgrade to be successfully complete.

Wow, is all I can say right now. The story is getting more intense as Vongola is getting more powerful than ever but to only face an enemy that completely overwhelmed them and rendered them powerless.

Talbot asks, ‘ Primo, the enemy is Shimon. How do you feel?’ This line is simple yet may contain importance. Could Talbot really have lived during the times of Primo?– could be possible in this manga.

The new forms of their rings are amazing with lots of detail and cool looking. I can’t wait to see what the other members’ new Vongola ring form.

Analysis of the new version of the Vongola Rings–
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[manhwa]The Breaker: ch 1-63

Title: The Breaker
Type: Manhwa
Author: JEON Geuk-jin ; Artist: PARK Jin-Hwan
Release: [as of July 30] 64 Chapters; on-going
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, School Life, Romance

[Chapter 64 released just a couple minutes ago, so I did not get a chance to read it yet.]
I spent my entire day to marathon the series until I could catch up to the most recent chapter, 64.
Summary: [written from what I’ve read without spoiling–much.]

A boy named, Shin Woon [name may be incorrect] is constantly bullied and beaten up [usually really bad] due to his cowardice and the overwhelming scariness of his bullies. One day, a man, Han Chun Woo, shows up as the new teacher at Shin Woon’s school. One day, as Shin Woon walks the streets, he finds this new teacher being dragged into the back alleys by a few yakuza. As these yakuza attack his teacher, Shin Woon witnesses his teacher’s unexpected powers. Realizing his teacher has strength like no other, Shin Woon begs for Chun Woo to become his master; however, little does anyone realize that this teacher is not who he says he is…

I’ve looked around and seeing people claim that this series is a rip of off GTO/HSDK [History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi]. All I can say is that this series may be similar to GTO/HSDK but in no way does it rip off the other series that share similar genres. The teachers of GTO and The Breaker are both badasses; however, the teacher in The Breaker is no ordinary teacher as he instills fear in those of the martial arts world as the Goomoonryong, or nine arts dragon.

The art of this series is absolutely amazing and breathtaking especially during the fighting scenes–seriously, no lie. Look below for some examples of the amazing art. The art somewhat reminds me of HSDK.
*purplish parts are possible spoilers. possibly major ones too*
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Giant Killing-sixteen

Focus: Sera.

ETU, the soccer team the series is about, faces off the Yokohama Mariners. Starting from the previous episode, the series shifts its focus onto Sera. Sera is the starting forward of the team and begins to worry about his starting position when Natsuki, a former forward that was absolutely amazing in his position, returned from rehab. To make it worst, Sera beats himself up for being able to only score one goal in all the games he’s been in up to this point and to mess up possible chances for a goal.

In the beginning, Sera shows signs of wavering and a weakening mentality due to pressure. At this point, I wonder if he’ll be able to pull himself together and overcome his worries of having his starter position taken away. Will he find mental stability on his own or will a teammate help him out with inspiring words? [In most cases, the wavering character is consolidated by another character and amazingly does well afterward.] Isn’t that how it usually turns out? Or is it just me?
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Marathon or Not?- Uraboku

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru [or Uraboku for short]

[A summary written from the few episodes that I’ve watched so far.]

A teenager named Yuki has been an orphan ever since he was a baby and growing up, not knowing who his parents, relatives, and familial connections, he always wondered ‘For what reason was I born? What’s my purpose for being in this world?’ Soon, a man named Takashiro shows up claiming Yuki’s his brother and part of the Giou clan, people gifted with special abilities to fight Duras, evil demons that appear on Earth. It is also known that Yuki’s powers are still dormant but commencing to fully awaken. Then, there’s a man named Zess constantly coming to Yuki in times of need, saving him from harm. Yuki somehow feels like he’s known Zess and Zess is somehow connected to these ‘flashbacks of the past’ that Yuki occasionally sees in the form of a dream.

I started watching Uraboku about a week ago but being picky about the series that I watch, the first episode has yet to capture my attention. The beginning wasn’t exciting enough to motivate me into continuing with episode two; however, at some point, puzzling scenes convinced me into labeling the series as one that would be put on hold. Finally, today, I began watching the second episode…

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Rail Tracing

Rail Tracing= tracing along the rails?
ahh, lets see… I type exactly how I would say it if I were to talk to you, in person that is. So, instead of having it seem as if I’m writing and someone is reading, I like to think of it more being similar to you and I conversing~~
[I’ve noticed something. o_o . Even though it says ____ Anime Blog, it doesn’t mean in any way that it’s just about anime. If I were to add any more words, it would’ve been too long. heh. -_-”]