Bleach: Episode 308

OMG, I should have watched this earlier. Ichigo kicks ass in this one. Seriously, Aizen just gets his ass handed to him.

Ichigo’s facial expressions and attitude is more towards apathetic and it’s been bugging me. No smile or anything just this look. A joke was squeezed in but it just ruined the mood instead of being funny. Ichigo’s change so much and I want to know what happened to him. I like his hair, it’s a bit longer. His new attitude, facial expressions, tone, hair, and stature give off a more mature vibe.

OMG, Gin dies or he’s severely wounded. I wonder if anyone else knows about how Gin didn’t actually want to follow Aizen. I just hope that Rangiku knows the truth because she’s the most important person to him and it wouldn’t be right for her to misunderstand him. I almost cried.. I got a bit teary-eyed. Gin said, ‘ I’m sorry I couldn’t take back what was taken from you, Rangiku. ‘ and I went, ‘AWWW, how cute T3T’.

Aizen was just so annoying. He’s so conceited that he believes he’s the ultimate being surpassing that of all races. It never occurred to him that there could exist someone who has greater power than him. He kept making excuses when Ichigo stopped his blows, how pathetic.

Ichigo’s new appearance is definitely different but I love it. Also, the background music really stood out and greatly enhanced the mood of the situation, especially the song that plays when Ichigo shows up while carrying his dad. I was like, ‘Damn.. so cool *-*’

8 responses to “Bleach: Episode 308

  1. ichigo is actually not as held together as you may think, no spoilers, but you’ll understand soon that his disposition is based on information he gathered from fighting his inner self and zangetsu. its not good news that he’s lugging around with him during this battle.

    • Is it possible that he’s on the verge of breaking? It does feel like he’s grown a lot stronger and more composed with this apathetic attitude but then it’s bugging since it’s different from his normal self. Is there a chance that he’ll return to who he was before? So, during his battle with his inner self, he was told something which completely changed his attitude? I’m guessing the information given isn’t exactly good info.

  2. No, its’ll find out in the next episode most likely

    • Alright, I’m looking forward to it… I’m getting so excited. x]

    • Just finished watching 308 and I think I understand what you meant. It was more of like a sadness knowing that he’s going to lose his powers. Having his powers allowed him to protect and for his powers to disappear, he wouldn’t be able to protect anyone or anything from spiritual stuff. He could handle thugs and stuff but probably not Hollows.

  3. Bleach is mine all time favorite series. I really thank to all the cast, producer and director of this show for connecting us with this amazing show.

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