Katekyo Himan Reborn: Chapter 326-Daemon Spade Is Such A Bastard.

Yamamoto refers to an acquaintance that saved him. I wonder who it might have been. I’m thinking it could be one of the arcobalenos OR that one doctor dude… I think it was Shamal. Yeah, Doctor Shamal might have been around to save Yamamoto. Well, I’m not going to get tripped up over that because at least Yamamoto was saved so it’s all good.

The necklace is cute but his Cambio Forma doesn’t seem so safe. It feels like he’s very vulnerable to attacks of sharp objects. But the form does resemble Yamamoto’s nature in a way. I wish the anime would have continued, that way, I could see the transformations in color; It would be awesome to these scenes animated.

Why is Daemon such a bastard? Seriously, I just can’t stand him destroying everything that Giotto has worked so hard for. He’s even trying to take over Mukuro’s body. That is something I will not allow. T-T I don’t want Mukuro’s laugh to be changed. Besides, Mukuro isn’t as evil as Daemon so I prefer Mukuro. I hope that Mukuro doesn’t turn out to be a traitor within the Vongola.

Cozart tried to be a step ahead of Daemon but instead Daemon was a step ahead; Primo saw through Daemon and was a step ahead, making it three steps [Cozart+Daemon+Primo = 3] ahead if we count from the beginning. I’m thinking in the end, Daemon fufilled his objective and had succesfully tore Cozart apart. I think Daemon saw through Primo seeing through him and so he was another step ahead making it four steps [Cozart+Daemon+Primo+Daemon = 4] ahead. I don’t believe that he would allow the guardians to help Cozart. They may have been illusions created by Daemon in order to trick Cozart even further in the case that Cozart knew about his plan.

I hope that I’m wrong about Daemon seeing through both Cozart and Primo because I don’t want to see Cozart thinking he was betrayed by Giotto. It’s just too sad to see that knowing that they were best friends. Well, I was pretty happy to see the guardians helping Cozart out so hopefully they’re the real guardians and are genuinely on Primo’s orders to defend Cozart from the enemies.

6 responses to “Katekyo Himan Reborn: Chapter 326-Daemon Spade Is Such A Bastard.

  1. I stopped reading Reborn a while back, back when the boxer dude was just starting his first fight. Hmm, I have been meaning to catch up, is the manga fun these days?

    • It’s been kind of depressing and shocking.
      I was going to tell you something but… I don’t want to spoil you… x]
      I love how it shows the past even if it’s bits and pieces showing the history of the Vongola in its early days. Gahh, it’s just Daemon… I just want to punch the guy so bad. I don’t understand why Giotto kept Daemon by his side even though everyone knew he was a traitor even if he claimed to have done everything for the sake of the Vongola.
      Overall, I still adore KHR despite Tsuna being so depressing and downtrodden. Everyone in the Shimon Family just completely hates his guts when he didn’t even do anything.

  2. Haha I’ve caught up with the manga for this now :) =-= Giotto really shouldn’t have kept Daemon Spade by his side, plus he already knew that Daemon Spade was a traitor.

    It’s too bad the anime ended for this one though -_- but i’m not really sure if they’ll have another season or not.. since that’s what alot of ppl have been talking about recently..

    • Ooh, you read this too?
      He should kick Daemon to the side. The dude isn’t worth keeping. Exactly, if you already know he’s a traitor, he shouldn’t be kept close. Maybe it’s just Giotto and he’s too nice.

      I know, I always looked forward to how they would animate certain scenes of the manga. Although I would prefer for it to be similar to the manga and not toned down for little kids. I hope the shows going to be continued. I want to see the Shimon Family and the new Vongola gears in color.

      • Hahaha yeahh x) mostly for the comedy though the fights are okk, though I like watching/reading Yamamoto’s fights, those ones are usually the most interesting to me. Yeah I bet it was that Giotto was too nice -__- or that Daemon spade just putting them through a trial to see if they really deserve to be in the vongola family.

        Yeah , they didn’t show that much blood o.o but I guess it’s for the kid viewers -___- x) yeahhh it’d be awesome to see them in color! But I guess maybe the manga isn’t that far for them to continue the anime yet.

        • It’s interesting especially when he’s pissed~
          … I wonder why he didn’t just kill Giotto and take Vongola for himself?

          which sucks, hah. good thing they didn’t decide to add fillers but I wouldn’t mind fillers if they pertained to the history of the Vongola.

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