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The Breaker New Waves: Chapter 18

It’s been a while but I finally caught up on this manhwa. I love the change in the attitude Elder Jang-Ro and accepted Shioon as the new head. Jang-Ro really experienced some major character development. Before, I thought he was just a bastard who was just toying with Shioon’s resolve of wanting to win the match.
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The Breaker: New Waves- Chapt 1

This is the sequel to The Breaker. The time in the manhwa is consistent as only a few weeks have passed since Shioon has been invited to join the Sunwoo clan.

The first few pages of this chapter does a recap of the entire first part of The Breaker.

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The Breaker: Chapt 72- A New World Of Murim

I thought it was the end but found out that so far, the past 72 chapters have been part one, the prequel. It now continues onto The Breaker: New Waves which is part two of the series.

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The Breaker: Chapter 70- Ruthless or Faking It?


WOW, I cannot believe all that Chun Woon’s said and done. It caught me off guard. It’s frustrating not knowing if he really meant all that he’s said. He looked so evil as he said all those things with a smile/smirk. Aww, I feel so sad for Shioon. BUT it shouldn’t be assumed that Chun Woon meant everything that was said.

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The Breaker: Chapt 68/69- A Horrible Master Or Not?

GRRR, stupid alliance chief. >_>

The Alliance Chief dude is pissing me off. =.= He is such a horrible person and it is incomprehensible how he was able to take up such a high-ranking position. I really thought either Chun Woon would sacrifice his life in exchange for Shioon’s as Chun Woon’s master did for him. But Chun Woon came up with another method and that was to expel him.
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The Breaker: Chapter 67- Your Whining Is Embarrassing, Shioon

OMG, I didn’t expect for the Alliance Chief to show up now of all times, heck, I even forgot about his presence. But forreals? How dare you kick Chun Woon. Why are you even alive? GRRRR. >.> As you can tell, he’s my least favorite character for this series.

Well, Shioon broke into tears and I can’t say that I didn’t expect it. I was just hoping that he’d be a man and stop crying for a little? heh.
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The Breaker: Chapter 66-Shioon, Man up and Do Something

*Half way through the post [sort of halfway] I stopped using Chun Woon and began calling him Goomoonryong. For me, Chun Woon is one to care for his disciple and has morals and principles he lives by. Right now, that isn’t the man who holds those things with eminent regards. He is fighting to satisfy his desires and yields to none even if it is his disciple.*

The story is heading in an ‘okay’ direction for now but Shioon is really irritating me now with his actions. At least try to fend off the attack or get into a defensive position instead of having taken a hit to the head. I really thought that Shioon will really be able to do something about his teacher but i guess not…
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The Breaker: Chapter 65

Alright, to be honest, I’m not really liking the direction and predictability of this series so far. Some may disagree but that’s my opinion. Does anyone else feel the same way as I currently do with this series?

Well, everyone’s panicking because of how the situation has turned out with Chun Woon becoming some kind of a monster. Scary.
Yi Gyu-Bum, I praise you for demanding the release of your lady; however, it’s a fail since Sosul was never held a captive because she chose to be on Shin Woon’s side.
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The Breaker- Chapter 64

For the summary, click here.

In this chapter,
Shin Woon is doing.. NOTHING. He is sitting/standing there seeing his master in this monstrous form and to only be able to ask ‘why, why, why’.
My thought as I read this chapter [or what I want to say to Shin Woon]: Why do you keep asking why? If you want to know the cause for such a form, then stop your master and directly ask him. If you don’t like your master’s current form, then change it. Return Chun Woo to the way he was when he was your master if you have a problem with how he is right now.
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