The Breaker New Waves: Chapter 18

It’s been a while but I finally caught up on this manhwa. I love the change in the attitude Elder Jang-Ro and accepted Shioon as the new head. Jang-Ro really experienced some major character development. Before, I thought he was just a bastard who was just toying with Shioon’s resolve of wanting to win the match.

He’s remembered the previous Head who held his pride as an eminent priority. I really hope we get to know more about the previous Head who seems to be a great man but wasn’t able to survive his fight and might have died. It shows that the previous head really influenced and affected his clan; he may have been loved by everyone. He left to a battle knowing that he would lose and possibly die but went anyways because his pride was on the line. The clan may have changed drastically when they lost their Head.

Hopefully, Shioon will be able to influence all of them and change them back to the prideful clan that they once were under the previous Head. S.U.C., I wonder if we’ll meet someone who’s from the group.

Let’s just hope that Shioon learns some tricks that could allow him to at least save his life from the grasp of Death. I’m pretty sure he won’t die and he’ll go to the match but it’s just I don’t want to see him getting all beaten up and bloody. Hopefully Shioon will be able to at least maintain his stance in the match.


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