RuroKen- Saito Hajime in Chapt 146

So over these last few months, I’ve been reading Rurouni Kenshin and it’s just so good. I have been meaning to write about the manga but… it’s really hard to find words to describe the last 17 volumes of the series I have read.

Coming upon chapter 146, [spoiler] I found out that Saito Hajime sacrifices himself so that Aoshi, Sano, and Himura can. Recap of what has happened so far:

Final showdown with Shishio and Kenshin defeats the madman. Hoji is so shocked that he loses his senses and goes on a rampage destroying the area where Kenshin and the rest are. Although it doesn’t make sense, Saito cuts the bridge separating himself from the rest and leaving himself behind.

— It seriously doesn’t make sense no matter how many times I think of a plausible reason for Saito to do such a thing.

I wasn’t so happy to have Saito sacrificing himself. I came to like Saito over the course of the manga. Initially, he’s an enemy of Himura but somehow ends up on Kenshin’s side of the battle later on even if he doesn’t necessarily have good intentions. He’s changed ever since he encountered Kenshin. There isn’t concrete proof that he’s dead so I’m hoping that he’s alive.

Another reason why I’m not too fond of Saito’s ‘death’ is that he has a wife… I have no idea at the moment about Saito’s well-being and whatnot but I hope he isn’t dead. He shouldn’t leave his wife behind.

I was surprised to find out  about his wife… He didn’t seem like the type of person to have a wife which makes me wonder what she looks like. Lol, Kenshin and Sano were shocked as well and tried to picture what her appearance might be like. She must be pretty tough considering that she has to deal with such a precarious man.

And, and I think it’s pretty awesome that he’s left handed. x] He is such a badass.

There’s another aspect that makes RuroKen unique and it is the series’ portrayal of women but… I’m going to do homework now so I’ll continue later.


21 responses to “RuroKen- Saito Hajime in Chapt 146

  1. I’ve been meaning to read & watch Rurouni Kenshin but never had the opportunity to do so. Actually I have the anime lying around the house somewhere. This is one of the highly recommended manga of all times. At least, I was told gazillion times to try read this manga. And the fact that this post said that it’s a good read and that it’s unique, I really should pick it up. =)

    • I was skeptical about reading it at first but I read it anyways because I had nothing to do. It turns out that I really enjoy it and the characters too. The girls aren’t really portrayed weak although at times, they experience those moments but other than that; most are strong but not necessarily strength-wise. I was going to watch the anime too but haven’t had the time yet. Anyways, you should really read or watch it. Either one, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Have you decided to read it first or to watch it first?

  2. The manga is awesome, thought the series is quite good :D, though you have to watch it in Japanese, NO ENGDUB!

    • Lol, to be honest, I really, really, really, dislike dubs… For some reason, things just don’t sound as cool when it’s in dub. But yeah, definitely watching this with subs.

  3. So, what did you think of Saito being alive in the end of it all? I wrote something on him, since he really is a badass character. You can read it here:

    Are you excited about the anime making its comeback?

    • I wish I could’ve just let out my excitement but I couldn’t since I was in class. I couldn’t wait to see him being more involved in the series.
      Did you believe that he was dead? I can’t forgive myself for thinking at least for a second that Saito was weak to be killed by something like that.

      I read your post and I agree, he’s one those characters whose looks can be deceiving.

      I haven’t been able to watch the anime at all but I heard that it’s impact isn’t any less than that of the manga so I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to marathon all of the anime and OVAs soon. Are you excited?

      • I honestly didn’t think he was gonna die like that. Saito’s too badass for that. I liked how he came back around Vol. 22.

        Yup, I’m super excited to see Saito & Aoshi in anime form again! I might reread the manga again for fun!

        • I have read up to the 27th volume and I’m kind of sad to see it end. I feel like Saito had his moments but not enough. To me, it feels like he’s part of the main crew and yet he didn’t show up as much as the others did.

          I want to see Saito~ Has it been a while since you read the manga? I’m going to reread the manga when I’ve completely forgotten all that has happened.

  4. Yeah, it’s been a long while since I read the manga. Saito is part of the main crew, no matter how much he’s not always willing to cater to their demands.

  5. Yeah, after the Kyoto incident, he went into hiding. Then, he showed up again around Volume 21, where he was discussing with the broomhead guy, Chou, about Enishi. The only reason he was involved in the Enishi story was because Shishio’s ship was brought from Enishi.

    He fought one of Enishi’s comrades and won in brutal fashion.

    • I’m really surprised that Chou would work with him. I like to think that Saito is more of a loner and doesn’t really work with others well or at least doesn’t like to work with others.

      As Sano said, it’s really hard to imagine Saito losing to anyone but Kenshin.

  6. Saito seems to prefer working by himself or he will take advantage of others’ plights to his advantage.

    I know he calls the Kenshin gang a group of idiots for the most part. Except for Aoshi, who he seems to respect.

    I wonder how that final duel would have played out, if it ever occured.

    • You’re right; the way Saito treats Kenshin and the group is different from how he treats Aoshi.
      I wonder too but I’d like Kenshin to win, hah.

  7. Kenshin gang a group of idiots,,,,wth was that about??

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