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Bleach Episode: 309- The Final Form Is So Awesome *_*

It was so epic–the fight, the revelations, and the end.
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Bleach: Episode 308

OMG, I should have watched this earlier. Ichigo kicks ass in this one. Seriously, Aizen just gets his ass handed to him.
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Bleach: Episode 302

I must say, Tensa Zangetsu is pretty hot. x]
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BLEACH 423. Farewell Swords

Waking from dream world and back to reality…`

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BLEACH 422: The Silent Victory

The battle is over!?

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The chapter is out and we get  a full color and awesome spread. “Now time has come to an end…”

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BLEACH 419/420

First of all I’ll like to make notice that I don’t have internet at home T_T so Im currently posting this from collage ;p I’m not sure if its chapter 421 or 422 since I can’t check right now. Also, no pics, sorry.

So let’s see, last time I left off when Ichigo had slashed Aizen.

This time I’ll reviewing 2 chapters, and I most remark.. amazing chapters!

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BLEACH: Chapter 418 DEICIDE 20

NOTE! [i’m posting this a bit late coz i was too busy and my internet is so crappy right now… but better late than never, right?]

Last week we heard read ichigo say: “I’ll finish this in a instant”… and so this week the final battle starts!

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Bleach: Chapter 417 DEICIDE 19

So last week’s “Deicide The End” was for nothing because this week we get another Deicide chapter >_<

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Bleach: Episode 285- Is Yammy THAT Strong?

Wonderweiss, prepare to get a beating from Kensei for hurting Mashiro. Gin, I cannot believe you would stab Hyori from behind, that’s shady. Yammy, you’re going to get it from Ichigo for hurting Rukia, Renji, and Chad. Little by little, the shinigami/vaizard forces are diminishing in strength. When will the ones in Hueco Mundo arrive in the fake Karakura Town and partake in the battle?

First, is there something between Kensei and Mashiro? I’m getting a feeling that they may be romantically involved because he sort of got angry when Mashiro was heavily injured by Wonderweiss. Or it could be that Mashiro is his former subordinate when they were still shinigamis and he couldn’t stand seeing her getting injured?
Wait, didn’t she say she could keep her mask on for 15 hours? What happened to that? Or did she mean 15 minutes? =.=
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