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Naruto Chapter 592


Orochimaru, why won’t you just stay dead? It’s been a while since his death, right? because I can’t even remember how he died or the circumstances under which he was killed by Sasuke. But I do feel sorry for him when I think of how he went from being one of the Great Three of Konoha to the enemy of the entire village.

At this point, with Madara still alive and in full control over his body, it really does seem hopeless. It wouldn’t make sense for the Five Kages to suddenly pull something and beat Madara. He’s too powerful to go down that way. I’m really expecting for the Five Kages to lose or at least receive some type of reinforcement because there’s no way determination and the will to beat Madara will get them through. They could barely even put a scratch on Madara while they’re all beaten up and barely hanging on there.

Or I could be wrong and the strength of their determination will overcome all odds allowing them to create the ultimate plan to defeat Madara with just the five of them on the brink of death. It’s plausible in the world of shonen manga.

Naruto: Chapter 535

Did they seriously think they could stop Naruto from leaving the island? They’re underestimating him.

This chapter leads us to the moment where Naruto leaves to join the war.

I’ve been reading around and some people believe that it’s stupid for Naruto to join the war when the war is being fought to protect him. He’s just blindly heading out without any regards to the possible consequences.

I believe that it’s a lot better than to do nothing and sit around being protected. He plans to be the Hokage one day and yet he’s going to sit on his ass while doing nothing when his nation and friends are fighting. I can only imagine the feeling of being protected and not doing the protecting. It makes him feel as if he’s a burden and that’s the last thing he would want to be. Besides, he wants peace and happiness for anyone; if he wants it, he’s going to have to fight for it. Nothing will be accomplished if he spent the entire time on the island.

I find it more assuring to have Naruto fight on the battlefield because of his abilities. He’s so reliable now. There’s a possibility that Madara may win the war so it’s better to play all the cards than to regret not playing the trump card when they end up losing the war.

I think that Naruto is justified in wanting to take part in the war and it’s better to have someone of his caliber out on the field.

[Manga Review-ish] MAOH Juvenile Remix Vol 1

Title: MAOH Juvenile Remix. Volume One
Original Story by: Kotaro Isaka
Story and Art by: Megumi Osuga
The original author is Kotaro Isaka and Megumi Osuga did an adaption of the original. The adaptions is this:


There is no humor but I think it would only ruin the dark atmosphere that the story is trying to create. It has this horror feel to it due to the art but it’s not horror on the level of freight. It’s more of an eerie kind of feeling with mystery mixed in. I feel that this is one of those ‘dark themed’ mangas but that’s because I haven’t read anything that’s deep. I’m more into mainstream shonen.
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Katekyo Himan Reborn: Chapter 326-Daemon Spade Is Such A Bastard.

Yamamoto refers to an acquaintance that saved him. I wonder who it might have been. I’m thinking it could be one of the arcobalenos OR that one doctor dude… I think it was Shamal. Yeah, Doctor Shamal might have been around to save Yamamoto. Well, I’m not going to get tripped up over that because at least Yamamoto was saved so it’s all good.
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RuroKen- Saito Hajime in Chapt 146

So over these last few months, I’ve been reading Rurouni Kenshin and it’s just so good. I have been meaning to write about the manga but… it’s really hard to find words to describe the last 17 volumes of the series I have read.

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Hitman Reborn: Chapt 317

Enma wasn’t the only one with hurt and fallen comrades/friends. He’s victimizing himself, allowing it to be an excuse for his own sake to beat up Tsuna and Vongola. GRRR, Tsuna had his friends hurt just as badly, maybe even worse. [Take a look at Yamamoto, he’s in the hospital unconscious.].

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The Breaker: Chapt 72- A New World Of Murim

I thought it was the end but found out that so far, the past 72 chapters have been part one, the prequel. It now continues onto The Breaker: New Waves which is part two of the series.

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The Breaker: Chapter 70- Ruthless or Faking It?


WOW, I cannot believe all that Chun Woon’s said and done. It caught me off guard. It’s frustrating not knowing if he really meant all that he’s said. He looked so evil as he said all those things with a smile/smirk. Aww, I feel so sad for Shioon. BUT it shouldn’t be assumed that Chun Woon meant everything that was said.

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The Breaker: Chapt 68/69- A Horrible Master Or Not?

GRRR, stupid alliance chief. >_>

The Alliance Chief dude is pissing me off. =.= He is such a horrible person and it is incomprehensible how he was able to take up such a high-ranking position. I really thought either Chun Woon would sacrifice his life in exchange for Shioon’s as Chun Woon’s master did for him. But Chun Woon came up with another method and that was to expel him.
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Naruto: Chapt 505

This chapter was quite enjoyable with several comedic scenes since the past several chapters have either been a bit touching/heavyhearted/dismal for me to handle any longer. It’s been long since I’ve laughed while reading Naruto because… lots of unhappy things were happening.
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