Level E: Episode One and Two

I must say, I didn’t expect for it to be funny but I’m glad it is. It just might be my favorite for the season.

Episode One:

There are so many questions that are unanswered with this sudden appearance of an alien. Besides, they don’t even give it a name. So I’m surprised they managed to go through two episodes without thinking, ‘hey, what’s your name?’ to the alien. In fact, I was too caught up in the story that I didn’t notice they never asked for his name until I finished watching the second episode and searched my mind for his name.
I was really shocked to find out that the alien’s real form is that of a weird thing.. It looks like a centipede with a tail for its head and antennas. It was pretty freaky.. The alien’s got jokes. He tried to make it sound like the centipede thing was his true form but.. it was actually what his pet looks like.

Episode Two:

Woahh, the alien’s a prince. I didn’t expect that but it was hinted. Lol, I just found out.. His name is actually Baka. When Kraft called him Baka, I thought he meant to call the alien an idiot but, pfft, that’s his real name. Well, the prince beat up an alien from another race which is going to turn into something horrible later.
I like the comedy that this show offers especially when Kraft and Yukitaka went from getting into a verbal discussion to verbal assaults and then to finish it off, they went ahead and threw in a ‘yo mama’ joke.

Kraft said that the prince’s true nature is that of the worst. I’m curious about what kind of a person he was before losing his memories. Will he be any different from how he is now? If it makes the show funnier than by all means, he should get his memory back.

Overall, it’s good. It’s really good. I’m willing to put this one as top priority over all the other animes if it keeps up the humor and mystery. Well, there’s too much mystery. I’d like for some things to be more clear but ooh well.

4 responses to “Level E: Episode One and Two

  1. ariannasterling

    The puppets. My mind is devoted to the puppets from the first episode.

  2. Aha! so you watched it! XD I’m glad you liked it too °\(^_^)/°
    Episode 2 kept cracking me up too. The Baka prince is just too awesome, even his uumm bodyguards(?) are funny.

    • Lol, I dont just like it, I love it. x]
      Well, you’re going to love episode three even more. Lmao.
      Yeah~~ I love his bodyguards.
      You should post up a review of episode three too even though I already did, sorry. I couldn’t resist.

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