Level E: Episode Three

I am speechless. Oh so speechless at Level E’s ridiculously awesomeness.
Just like Prince Baka, this show goes above the diagonal.

Level E has seriously gotten me hooked especially with episode three revealing the grand plan that Prince Baka constructed. I could not stop laughing when I found out. It was getting so tense and dramatic, hah.

Lol, Kraft just went crazy after finding out that the entire thing of the Prince losing his memories, crashing Earth, and an all-out war with the Diskonians was all planned by our ever so intelligent, Prince Baka.

As for the Diskonians, I was shocked at their behaviors. After Kraft’s explanations of their nature, a picture of a rough, aggressive, war-loving aliens was painted and yet the aliens turn out… normal-ish. It was even more surprising to find out that they are baseball maniacs.

I wouldn’t blame Kraft and everyone else wanting to beat up the Prince. If I were Kraft, I’d feel the same. x]

Well, after seeing this episode, Level E has risen and has definitely secured it’s placing at the top of my list for this season. It has without doubt captured my undivided attention.
Prince Baka, what a troll. Don’t you agree?

4 responses to “Level E: Episode Three

  1. ariannasterling

    My favorite part was definitely Kraft’s reaction. Not so much the unveiling of it all being Baka’s plan, but…Kraft. Loved it.

    Though Madoka is sitting at the top of my list for the season along with Zombie.

    • Kraft’s reaction was just awesome. I’m really interested in knowing more of what Baka did to Kraft for him to dislike the prince so much. They already explained some of it in this episode but I want it to be more in depth about it.

      Ooh, I’ll have to watch those two then. Have you watched Rio Rainbow Gate? I heard it was horrible… so I’m excited to see how bad it can be.

  2. This was the biggest troll ep ever. I took things really seriously thinking that the prince was a really good guy -_- now I dunno if I really wanna continue watching or not.

    • Lol, I couldn’t believe what I saw. I did too; I thought it was getting serious and that they were about to go into an all-out war. I was sympathizing with him but not after I found out what was really happening. Ahah, I’d continue watching it just to see how he’s going to torture and harassing other people. Maybe I could learn from him. x] Besides, I love Kraft and his reactions.

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