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Level E: Episode Three

I am speechless. Oh so speechless at Level E’s ridiculously awesomeness.
Just like Prince Baka, this show goes above the diagonal.

Level E has seriously gotten me hooked especially with episode three revealing the grand plan that Prince Baka constructed. I could not stop laughing when I found out. It was getting so tense and dramatic, hah. Continue reading


Level E: Episode One and Two

I must say, I didn’t expect for it to be funny but I’m glad it is. It just might be my favorite for the season.
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Demon, Alien, Doll, Mutant or something else?

My impressions on 5 new anime series =]

Instead of making a post for each one, I put them all together, I hope paper doesn’t mind.
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Winter 2010-11 Anime Previews

Winter is here and that means new shows as the many of the Fall seasoned shows are ending. Someone people have been complaining about shows being lame and all but it’s not that bad.

Chart made by The Cart Driver

I’ve separated the shows into Four Categories: ‘Series Definitely on our Watch List’, ‘Series we’re going to watch but might not be that excited about’, ‘Series we’re might get to if time allows’, and ‘Series we’re not going to watch’.

Series we’re definitely watching-Definitely not going to drop even if it sucks. x]
Series we’re going to watch but not that excited about-First five episodes will determine if it’ll be dropped or not.
Series we might get to if time allows-if people say they’re good, we’ll watch it but episode one will determine if it’ll be dropped or not.
Series we’re not going to watch-yeah, these are the ones that don’t fit our taste. ^_^
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