Beelzebub: Episode 3

Too bad, Kanzaki is far from being the ultimate badass. Oga beats him in that category. Well, it must suck for Kanzaki since he got beaten up by a first year. Hah, Beel doesn’t like him one bit which shows how far from being a ruthless antagonistic bastard he is from Oga. I hope this isn’t the end for Kanzaki and that he’ll continue to appear later.

I must say, it was nice to hear Sugita voice Kanzaki.

Natsumi, he’s an interesting fellow. Usually, guys with attitudes like Natsumi are dangerous, precarious, and antagonistic-ish. It seems like Natsumi has taken an interest in Oga so he may stick around [and possibly be part of Oga’s crew later on?]

Again, Alain Delon appears. Alain Delon used the trick Hilda used to stay at Oga’s house. He told Furichi’s family that Furichi was inside him and did things with him which was… hilarious. It wasn’t as funny as it could have been because the ‘joke’ had already happened before but under different circumstances. So, for me, it would have been a lot funnier if it never showed Hilda doing it.

Oga’s search for the toughest and most badass student in school continues as Kanzaki fails at impressing Beel. Oga will definitely miss Beel when Beel leaves him.


8 responses to “Beelzebub: Episode 3

  1. ariannasterling

    My reaction to the episode was: wtf is this nonsense?!

    Not really in a bad way, that was just all I could think throughout watching it.

    • ahah, did you at least laugh? o.o
      There were a few chuckles here and there but… it’s lost its touch of humor since many of the jokes and stuff have already been used before so they’re not funny the second time around.

  2. Still pretty decent so far and I loved that Alain Delon part, though I thought it was funnier in how it had already happened with Hilda just to see how the two of them compared against each other.

    Hearing Kanzaki voiced by Tomokazu Sugita was pretty awesome, though as badass as Kanzaki appears he’s kind of lame at the same time. I was slightly disappointed that Oga one-shotted as well but I guess it makes his plight to try and get rid of Beel both harder for him and funnier at the same time.

    And Natsumi is kind of interesting and mysterious at the same time, he kind of plays the role of that guy who always looks to be a few levels above most of the other characters yet mainly stays in the shadows.

    • It seems more towards comedy than action and I’m somewhat disappointed because I thought that it would involve actual battles but Oga is just too much of a badass that a punch would finish the fight.

      I figured he would put up a better fight than that. The episode really emphasized on Kanzaki’s evilness and power but he got KO’d so quick. So quick that I just couldn’t believe it thinking, ‘Really? That’s it? It’s finished?’.

      Well, I’m hoping we’ll get to know more about him.. He doesn’t seem to fit into the school where the most precarious delinquents lurk, Furichi as well. But like you said, he could be a lot more stronger and dangerous than he looks.

      • Umm…
        That’s the point of the whole story.
        Oga is the TRUE badass as everyone that was considered badass in school got knocked out in just one punch/kick/hit by Oga.
        And I love the Beelzebub because of it.

        Beelzebub is a comedy series and not a fighting genre.
        If you read the manga, most of the fights can be finished in one chapter (compared to you know, bleach) and emphasized the humour than the fights.

        My favorite scenes involve Furuichi because I love it when the universe is against him :P

        Furuichi is my favorite character in the whole series followed by Alain ‘coz they’re hilarious.

        • It’s really different from other shonen series but it’s somewhat similar in which Oga had to undergo some training to be a stronger vessel that will properly hold Baby Beel’s powers.– The situation where protagonist has to undergo some kind of training to get stronger.

          So far, I’m enjoying it for the series that it is. It had to take a few eps for me to figure out that it’s more towards comedy but nevertheless, it’s enjoyable. Having the fights be limited to a few eps is refreshing since some people get tired watching drawn out fights.

          Lol, it can’t be helped that things never go the way he wants. It’s funny whenever Furuichi and Alain interact with each other. :3

          • “It’s really different from other shonen series but it’s somewhat similar in which Oga had to undergo some training to be a stronger vessel that will properly hold Baby Beel’s powers.– The situation where protagonist has to undergo some kind of training to get stronger.”

            I haven’t watch the Beelzebub anime so I wouldn’t know but in the manga, Oga only actually “train” to fight someone stronger ONCE. It’s in the current storyline.

            How badass is that?

  3. It wasn’t actual training.. it was more like mental training? Are you talking about the one where Oga had to get stronger to beat Tojo and get Baby Beel back?

    Do you plan on watching the anime? o.o
    Lol, super badass. :3

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