Kimi Ni Todoke: Episode 1 & 2

Episode One:

I really thought that the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya would continue to grow and instead, it somewhat regresses. Kurumi teased Sawako which resulted in Sawako keeping and not being able to give Kazehaya the chocolates she made especially for him.

The blonde dude appears. He seems interested in Sawako.
I’m really disappointed in Sawako for not just running after Kazehaya and just handing it to him. I was really expecting for that to happen when she ran. Instead, she ran home.

Episode Two:

Sawako and her friends begin their second year now. The first episode was Valentines and then suddenly, it’s April already, so quick.

We find out that Pin was bribed by Yano to keep Sawako, Yano, Chizuru, Ryu and Kazehaya in the same classroom. It’s great that they’re still in the same class but their seats aren’t the same with everyone in different parts of the classroom.
Now, it’s time for a potential rival that may compete with Kazehaya for Sawako’s affections. I like how Kazehaya didn’t want help from Yano and wanted to do things himself but… at this rate, the relationship between him and Sawako isn’t progress in a positive direction. Maybe what’s needed is some drama and it comes in the form of a character named Kento Miura. Well, Kazehaya was definitely jealous when Kento invaded Sawako’s personal space.

I must say, I am quite disappointed in the progress of Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship. I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over. But that doesn’t mean that I’m disappointed in the series. In fact, it’s getting me excited. I’m looking forward to seeing Miura and what role he plays in the end.


10 responses to “Kimi Ni Todoke: Episode 1 & 2

  1. Yeahhh Kazehaya and Sawako don’t have much progress so far, but I’ve already read the manga ^-^ so I’m satisfied right now.

    I like Miura, well it actually mainly has to do with how Miyano Mamoru voices him :D

    • Aww, so you read the manga after the first season?
      Hmm, why did you go and spoil yourself? >3<
      Lol, but since you're satisfied, I'm guessing they had a good ending, huh?

      Ahah, his voice actor fits Miura's character of being just a outgoing and outspoken guy.

  2. Lol yes i did, i just couldn’t resist it, well it didn’t end yet but I’m still satisfied at how it’s going right now.

    MIYANO MAMORU is pure awesomeness, he does have a tendency to voice outgoing characters though.

    =-= UGGHHHH i haven’t gotten anything done yet both for my blog and school work STUPID PROCRASTINATION >3<

    • But, too bad, I like Gintoki’s VA, Sugita better. x]

      Lol, you lazy butt. You would get things done if you didn’t spend all that time spinning in your chairs~~ No MOAR procrastinating~ alright? ahah.

      • That’s true, Sugita voices a lot of great characters. ^-^ BUT MIYANO MAMORU IS BETTER!! lol

        =-= ehhhh fine I’ll TRY not to spin around, I even carried a non-spinnable chair to my desk ( happy now? x] ) But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop spinning >:D

        • Lol, no wayy.. Sugita’s WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than Mamoru. WAY better. x]

          Lol, .. I thought you said that they were heavy. … tsk, tsk.. now I see why you don’t ever finish your work. ahah, too busy being lame and spinning around in a chair. xp

  3. Must.. resist… spoiling..myself…
    I will watch ep 2 soon! xD

    • Don’t read the post then.. and don’t look at the screen shots either~~

      • Alright, now I watched everything up to date. It almost drive me crazy seeing Sawako and Kazehaya growing apart >__< and that new blond guy is like a guy version of Kurumi xDD it's like watching season one all over again. I do hope they get together this time :3

        • I know, right? It makes me want to glue the two of them together so that they can be together forever.. >3>
          Now that you mention it, he does remind me of a bit of Kurumi. Well, seeing as Kazehaya is getting impatient, he’ll probably do whatever it takes to make Sawako his if Kent does anything further. His jealousy might come in handy. x]

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