Demon, Alien, Doll, Mutant or something else?

My impressions on 5 new anime series =]

Instead of making a post for each one, I put them all together, I hope paper doesn’t mind.

First SHocK: Beelzebub

When I read a small summary, I didn’t expect much of it.. taking care of a baby? That doesn’t sound so interesting. Yet, I watched the first episode just out of curiosity since people said its good… Why did I have to do that!? I was in the library and I just wanted to burst out laughing throughout the whole episode. The Momotaro’s story reference just cracked me up, as well as the story of the magic spring XD One thumbs down though, were the thunder cries that were a bit overused for my taste(I hope they don’t keep it like that throughout the whole series).

The story is not really new or deep, but it is entertaining, I’ll keep watching this just for the laughs XD
Plus I want to see the demon king’s face XP

First Ghost: Gossick

When I saw the pic and the small summary for the anime, it seemed just a normal anime good enough to kill time. Nothing special or eyecatching except maybe the character design that look nice. The first two episodes proved me that there might be more to it. Victorique is some sort of Sherlock Holmes while Kujo is like Watson who provides a bit comedy relief, which is nice.
The mysteries so far are not that intringuing except for Victorique’s secret.. like what is she really? She kind of reminds me of Shinku from Rozen Maiden. Kujo even said she looked like a doll XD
At any rate, I’ll keep watching this.

First Contact: Level E

I first heard of the series when I was reading HunterxHunter, though I never started reading the manga. Some months ago, to my surprise and delight, I found out that anime was on the making. So I had a big expectation for this one, and the first episode satisfied me completely. I thought it was going to be a dark story since its sci-fi but it actually had some really nice humor. The alien guy is really funny haha The good thing is that they didn’t overdid the jokes, so it keeps the story balanced between the laughs and the suspense of knowing what this unknown life form is doing here on Earth?
The first episode left in a cliffhanger >_< I’ll definetely keep watching this.

First Impression: Fractale

This wasn’t on my plan to watch list, but I just sort of just randomly dl it. So when I started watching it, I didn’t have any expectation, I mean, I didn’t even remember seeing it on the upcomming anime chart (after checking it actually was the first XD). At first it seemed like a really normal world, when all of sudden the main character is talking to same strange and weird looking robot? Hologram? Things get a bit more confusing, when a mysterious girl appears to be chased some othe unknown guys. The whole episode left me really confused about who was that girl, she seem to come from the past, but she never explained. I guess she wouldn’t.. its just the first episode >_< Then there’s those hologram things (they were called dooplers or something like that).

The first episod left me with too many doubts, though the pace seems like it’ll be a bit slowm and to a certain point boring, i’ll watch this, at least the next episode.

First Mutation: Wolverine

Ok, I just watched this because of the trial trailer I saw way back some months ago… I should had watched the new trailer for the anime. The first episode was just plain boring. Saving the princess in distress? Haven’t we seen that like waay to much, and that’s just not taking into account that the “princess” is a japanese >_< like seriously? Though I understand the anime is meant to be for a japanese audience, but I don’t think they had to set the story in Japan..
Overall… I might keep watching this if I get enough time, but the change of the character design (though it looks more like the original) just brought me back to reality.. Japan shouldn’t make anime based on American cartoons XD

The Sum-up!:
Watching List by High-Low Priority:
1. Level E
2. Belzeebub
3. Gossick
4. Fractale
5. Wolverine (actually on the border of dropping)

22 responses to “Demon, Alien, Doll, Mutant or something else?

  1. I dont mind. ^_^
    Lol, I want to see the Demon King’s face too. He’s just too funny since I didn’t expect for the Demon King to have that kind of a personality.
    I’ve heard that the electrocution thing isn’t that frequent as the manga goes on so it might be the same for the anime.
    Well, Beelzebub is the only one I’ve watched so far.. I didn’t get to watch the other ones yet but seeing as Level E is top priority for you, I’m looking forward to watching that one.

  2. Beelzebub has entered my meh list–it was there from episode 1 and episode 2 did not help its case. It’s got the occasional funny, but they need to STOP with the freaking electricity.
    Level E got my interest a lot more than I expected it to. The alien made me laugh quite a lot, especially with his puppets XD
    Gosick didn’t live up to my expectations, but I’m enjoying it anyway and looking forward to more.
    Fractale has me torn. I enjoyed the first episode, but I’m mostly just worried about finding out more regarding the Fractale system.
    And Wolverine? I didn’t watch that. I don’t want to risk seeing one of my favourite superheroes messed up.

  3. Yeah Gosick could have been better, but its still nice =) As for Fractale, I’m on the same boat as you, this fractale system seems intringuing… but i fear that the anime won’t explain everything and the story will be rushed since it’ll only have 11 episodes.

  4. What a creative title! I didn’t notice how there were so many different kind of beings! xD I’m kinda disappointed in Fractale, they changed the hair color of the original characters :( Also you should watch Merry, Wandering son and the magical loli show~ they’re awesome!~ :3

  5. OMG Level E IS TOO FUNNY LFMFFAO XD And I love the opening XD

  6. lol I didn’t see the last comment and got lost :p

  7. U yourself are guilty for making such a marvelous blog :D
    It’s a great pleasure to read it
    [I use the word great too much :p]

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