No.6: Ep 1- I see a hint of BL in it~

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ‘BL’… it stands for boys love which basically translates to guyxguy which then equals yaoi. That’s the more simple way of explaining it and it seems that certain actions of the characters suggest that there’s some romance between guys involved but it’s more innocent and cute.

Anyways, back to the anime. I curious as to how things will progress between Shion and Nezumi and I wonder what’s going to happen to him for sheltering a criminal.

I admit, the beginning started off slow and didn’t exactly had my full attention until Shion’s screaming in the rain. Maybe he’s feeling emptiness being an elite with such a high IQ and he wants to see the real part of the world, you know? Not much to say about this since it was somewhat typical where the protagonist helps someone who he doesn’t know.

Overall thought:

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