Ikoku Meiro No Croisée: Ep 2 and 3

Episode Two: Cheese.

Yune is just so cute. She tries super hard to adapt to her new environment such as eating cheese even though she doesn’t like it. It was adorable when she tried the freshly baked bread and sparkled when she loved it.

It was nice to see them go to the open market and she tried to memorize the names of vegetables she’s never seen before. It’s so adorable how Claude treats her kindly and tries to change himself to be more considerate towards her. I think Oscar’s noticed a change in Claude too. It’s all thanks to Yune’s adorableness~

I found this to be really cute, haha. Yune and Oscar enjoy dried prunes/plums–I forgot which. When Claude tries one, he doesn’t seem to enjoy them much.

Episode Three: Japanese Labyrinth

This episode shows us two of the members from the Blanche family who own the department store and I guess they are the kind of people who believe in using money to get what they want. One of the daughters, Alice, received a kimono for her birthday and that kimono used to be owned by Yune. She taken a liking to the kimono so I’m sure she’s not going to give it up easily. Not only that but Alice’s father plans to buy the Gallery for her birthday. I wonder if Alice would want to keep Yune if she saw her…

Oscar suggested that they move if they ever ran out of business and I think that it would be a nice idea. Claude would be able to see what Japan is like since his imagination of what the country looks like isn’t very accurate but it was funny~

The sign that Claude made using Yune’s name as inspiration looked really beautiful.

I think I’m using the word cute and adorable too much. >3>

6 responses to “Ikoku Meiro No Croisée: Ep 2 and 3

  1. What I thought for these two episodes is this – it’s all about cultural exchange between two French men and a Japanese girl. That’s the theme of this show. At first, I thought there are more than just the culture exchange stuff but I think it’ll stick to only that. That’s fine with me anyways. The whole show is just gorgeous.

    • More than just cultural exchange such as a romantic relationship between Yune and Claude? or did you mean something else? I like how we’re given a comparison of the differing customs between two distinct countries.

      • Oh no, not that. I meant like maybe it’s a story about how Claude will try to bring back the glorious days of the gallery. What they’re doing now is just fine with me since I’d like to know more about French and Japanese culture.

        • I really thought that too and I still do–a bit. I think they’ll somehow incorporate that into the story to show how even though the environments differ, people are the same. There are people like Claude with pride in their works who will try their hardest to preserve that pride.

  2. When I talk about Croisee, I use the words adorable and cute way too much too, because it’s just too cute and too adorable. ^ ^

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